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Review by Darlok See Profile

  • Location: Maspeth,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $150 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
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I had Time Warner for close to 20 yrs. They've been stiffing me on the double play package.. I was paying $150 a month and now $160 this last month! I also had vonage for $38. So almost $200 for a triple play! I finally said F*Ck this and ordered FIOS!

Had it installed yesterday and OMFG... What a difference!!! I'm not sure why FIOS gets so much slag. Maybe it's from people living in rural areas? My experience with them so far has been awesome! I got the triple play package with 50/25 mbps internet from Fios. The internet flies.. I get 62 MBS down and 24 MBS up I can download 1.9 GB Microsoft Service Pack 1 in less than 5 minutes at 7 MB/s. Picture quality also is much better than Time Warner... + MUCH MUCH more channels.. I get 9-12 showtime channels for free. (Not just a 3 month promotional deal) I also get 2 Fliks channels which come with the 89.99 package and 1 Movie channel! It's soooo much to watch.. It's like Night and day compared to Time Warner which has been stiffing me for years. (my own fault for not switching earlier)

As soon as I called to cancel Time Warner, I thought I wouldn't be able to get the rep off the phone. He tried beating the Verizon Deal....Not only did he try to beat the deals when I cancelled yesterday, but today I received a phone call from another agent trying to beat Verizon deals.. I was like WTF? I told the rep that I've been a customer for almost 2 decades and every time i call in to ask for a loyal customer discount you guys never lower my bill!! and now that I cancelled you guys want to give me a better deal? F*CK YOU!

I couldn't be more happier with Verizon (so far so good btw guys) Customer service with Verizon has been top notch!

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·Verizon FiOS


I also had TWC was on 50/5 I live in Ridgewood close to you about pings though you can lower it by calling them or chatting with rep and telling him to switch the ONT box to ethernet from coax.

Look at my ping.

I also got 100$ gift card (no contract) but will sign contract when I will be moving soon , by signing contract I will keep my price locked.

Enjoy fios