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Review by obeythelaw See Profile

  • Location: Bayonne,Hudson,NJ
  • Cost: $105 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Ordered online and install was on time; speeds are as advertised; picture quality is awesome"
Bad "There was a small billing error but they took care of it"
Overall "I have multiple choices for Internet, TV and Phone but Verizon Fios seems to be the best at all three"
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Install Co-ordination:
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My Other Reviews

·Optimum Online
I have had Directv for a few years. Never had a problem with them. I had Internet through Cablevision. Never had major problems with them but would notice some slow downs at peak times. I had telephone Voip with Vonage. It was starting to get expensive but didn't have any other options. Then Verizon Fios came to town. I opted for the triple play and got the Extreme package with a Showtime and HBO bundle, 50/25 Internet speeds and telephone service. The install went smooth but took about 6 hours. When I signed up I got one whole home DVR and one HD box. The installer brings an old DVR box and I tell him I want the newest 7xxx series. He says he doesn't have any on the truck and this is what is part of order. Not that happy since the box is slower and doesn't allow for a 16:9 HD guide. Looks pretty bad on my 55inch Samsung. So I call up Verizon and they say go to a Verizon Fios store and swap the box. Did that, but in doing so the rep removed my free DVR for 12 months fee! When I got the bill, the billing rep didn't believe me because she couldn't see the original order. I had to fax my order showing that I got the 12 month DVR fee waived. It was eventually adjusted.

My Internet speeds are great no matter what time of day. Nothing to complain about that. The phone is also good quality.

The picture quality is excellent and to me, beats what I had on cable many years ago and even beats Directv by a small amount. Directv picture quality is great but SD on directv looked grainy but with Fios even SD picture is very good on my 55 inch. I like the Fios guide. I wish there was a way to hide SD duplicates in the guide but when it comes to quality, it really can't be beat. The DVR itself is good. I actually feel like the Directv DVR is a bit easier to use and feels less "clunky" but after getting used to it, it's not that bad. The guide is fast which is a plus.

Overall, I'm saving about $1,000 a year with the bundle with Fios. Can't complain about that plus I'm getting faster speeds and excellent picture quality.

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