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  • Location: Diamond Bar,Los Angeles,CA
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I want to warn everyone considering switching to Verizon FiOS what a nightmare it is. Yesterday they (Verizon) came and installed my business lines. After Installation, my "Enhanced Call Forwarding" feature which I paid $11 extra per month has never been working properly. I got my line forwarded to another number and was stuck there eversince. I have spent at least a total of 2 hours (including wait time) on the phone with them to fix this. I must have talked with every department they have. All said, The conclusion is: "Verizon people don't know what they are doing. Each person gives different advices which mess up the flow of process". My veridct on how good Verizon product is still out to the jury, BUT their service SUCKS. The wait time is long, and it's like roulette if you get a smart one, a dumb one or somewhere in between. If you are only saving less than $50 a month and unless it's much faster than what you have, DON"T CHANGE. I'm still trying to get my problem resolved.

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lodged 1.5 years ago


Westminster, MA

I already dumped FIOS

I was happy to dump FIOS at my business, as did all my neighbors in the area. The business TV is difficult to use, always trying to sell you something; the phones do not always work, the voicemail systems change and the reps get confused and do wrong fixes as well as give incorrect info; the internet connection is usually OK, but nothing special. For over $150 less per month I got twice the internet speed (55 Mpbs) great customer service and a TV that is easy to use. Customer service speaks my language and is available 24/7, helpful and friendly. They offer more features on my phones and I have yet to be down once since the change months ago. As much as I watch my dollars, I didn't change because of price, but because of crappy service, and terrible support. Then over the last few weeks VZ messed up home office phones (old copper) so I switched them too to Comcast. What a difference! (And better than half the price).
I don't know if Comcast residential is as good, but their business class puts VZ to shame!