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Review by Mudiver See Profile

  • Location: Richmond,Henrico,VA
  • Cost: $117 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Excellent tech support and Union Installers "
Bad "No HDMI, Low Picture quality, No HD programing, Confusing TV Guide, No DVR, No Free Extra Set top boxes, Prices go up often, "
Overall "Internet speed and reliability the same as anyone else, Fiber only allows you to buy more bandwidth and 99% don't need more"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My feelings are that Verizon is a supper con artist company, they show a competitive price then try to make you pay extra for HD TV, on each TV, the programing packages are nothing special.

My free VoIP phone is better than their landline phone, Google voice slaps the hell out of Verizon's VOIP but credit goes to Verizon Tech support and to OBI support.

Extreme HD TV package, No HD turner included, ( so how do they call it HDTV) second tuner analog cost 8 dollars a month, comes w/o TV Guide, total crap picture on HD TVs, a telephone with 911, internet 50/25,

My original price was to be 75 dollars for three services, two analog tuners were supplied but they call them digital yet outputs are analog' not HDMI, Generic brands, proprietary software,

Most bad experience is how they lie to get business, would not return my deposit after a year and told me they will never return it, (I do not owe them any money I was not late) the service was accidentally and without being authorized to be turned off, disconnect was caught in less than an (1 hour) yet I still lost the deposit, most good experience( well I am just not there yet) I hate em.

I see not benefit in a fiber optic system that stops outside your home, it does not travel at the speed of light, it will hit a solid wall when it goes to the wires in your house, or should I say an electroplate copper metal wire . It is a newer system so there are less issues with a new system then an old one,of that I assure you. However the future is with fiber not copper, yet the future is not here yet and far away from needing a 10000 Mbit bandwidth . Verizon uses fewer nodes than other cable companies, they max out at about 60, another CATV may run much higher, thus Verizons claims to be more stable maybe so but I have not seen it. The verizon installers are much better than the Comcast installers but how hard can it be to screw in a tap, or bump a pole. No one seems to properly ground any system, my system is totally not grounded as to any code, not even a 1945 code. They have it grounded to my cold water line, but that line has a plastic pipe going to the street sewer line, so I have no ground. I guess I will sue them if lightning hits my HD TV, because they didn't ground the system. It plain as day there is a plasit line going to the street.

And as far as I know I have told the complete truth, no duplicates here.


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Van Alstyne, TX

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Ground it

Why not call Verizon and have them come back and properly ground it?


Doylestown, PA

"Digital" Nomencalture and grounding

As far as it being a digital adapter - that is exactly what it is. It takes a digital signal from the cable input and adapts it to an analog out. The HD programming is there regardless of the type of box you have. I'm pretty sure Comcast and others don't give you free HD boxes either or they charge for HD service (same difference).

To your grounding issue, it sound like you have an issue in your house that is not Verizon's problem. Most building codes require ground bonding for copper cold water pipes.

A Happy, long term FiOS subscriber.

REMEMBER: Stupidity should be painful !!

Herndon, VA

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This is a customer that will never be happy with any provider.

There are no providers that provide HD set top boxes or HD DVRs for free. Period. With DirecTV I had to pay $6 each or 3 extra DVRs (4 in total), $8 for DVR service, $3 for the DVRs to be whole home and $10 for HD. So I paid $39 for HD/DVR. That's about what I would be paying to Verizon but I have a free DVR and free STB for 18 months.

Every provider - DirecTV, Comcast, Verizon, Cox Cable, etc. charge for DVRs and HD in one way or another.

FiOS is so superior to DirecTV or traditional cable it's not even funny. I used to have DirecTV, Vonage and FiOS Internet. I upgraded to the Triple Play with Ultimate HD TV, a free MultiRoom DVR and HD Set Top Box for 18 months, 2 cable card for two Home Theatre PCs and I can record 10 programs at the same time, have all four TVs on the service, have been upgraded to 75/35 internet service from 30/5 and have Digital Voice phone service. My bill went down by $80 a month and the price is locked for 24 months.