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Review by norm See Profile

  • Location: Pittsburgh,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $155 per month
Good "Billing is consistent"
Bad "Hold times; peering; tech support; retention; executive office; older FiOS installs"
Overall "Look elsewhere if possible; Don't submit to a two-year contract"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have been a FiOS customer for roughly five years now after switching from Comcast. The first four years were great. I am currently paying for 75/35mbit but see anywhere from 1mbit to 85mbit down. In my current neighborhood, we are all on BPON with no time frame for an upgrade to GPON. Since February of this year, I have had constant issues with spikes in latency, packet loss, and complete disconnects. One on-site tech stated that he believes the PON card I connect to is having issues; however, his manager would not allow for it to be fixed/swapped out.

It's no surprise to me that Verizon is allowing the above issues to occur; after all, they have ceased expansion. The money is in LTE.

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