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Review by artofkicking See Profile

  • Location: Chesapeake,Chesapeake City,VA
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "nothing"
Bad "Expensive, incorrect speeds (several tests), HD issues"
Overall "Switching to Cox...wish me luck..will post"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Constantly having problems and getting through to customer service takes forever...a good sign I am not alone. Many HD channels play like satellite in a storm...very lots of static and artifacts. They recommended a specific speed test which does reflect the internet speeds they advertise, but upon using other tests I think the recommended one is wrong as it is the ONLY one that reflects the advertised speeds. I had Cox before and there speeds were reflected in all tests. I am going back to Cox at 100/25 mbit.

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·Verizon FiOS


your probobaly used speedtest.net and that server couldn't handle the speeds.

I've had that problem with Optimum Online server and still it doesnt always reach my 75/35 speeds.

They were right to use verizon speedtest to make sure you do get your speed.



Re: vz

I agree that their customer service line is abysmal. The automation takes forever to get through to a human. You have to walk through all the troubleshooting tips eveery time you call.
But other than that my speeds are always above the 25/25 I pay for. TV has no glitches, phone is clear and internet streaming of netfix and gaming is flawless.

Downingtown, PA

Not to split hairs

But you would not get static or snow on Fios. It's impossible. Degradation would be pixelation and 99% of the time is based on a poor moca signal due to a bad splitter or bad coax. Either way, if the tech would have used the correct tools and did a proper install you likely wouldn't have had these issues.



Re: Not to split hairs

Not for ME to split hairs, but you are misinformed. Video pixilation is due to bad RF signals, not Moca. Moca carries their internet, on-demand, mrdvr video, etc not the regular video.