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Review by shayes See Profile

  • Location: Owings Mills,Baltimore,MD
  • Cost: $148 per month (24 month contract)
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This is a real claim!! They claimed that they changed the coax cable on the side of my building and charged it to me. $175 worth of service. I know have the executive number from you guys I will call and have it fixed. I have been calling, emailing, and chatting with CSRs and they all were not able to help. I have been calling ever since I paid the last months bill. So basically that was a month before it was due. So yes i have been calling and trying to contact someone about getting the charge off my bill.

They are a bunch of crooks. They are charging me for service that they claim was done to my cable. I explain to them that the tech never came to my house, never serviced my cable, and I never signed for anything. They stated that because it is in their notes, that the charges are valid. No one can tell me what the notes say. They claimed they called the tech and he stated that he came out to my house and serviced my cable but when i mention that I did not sign anything and that he has nothing with my signature on it, they keep repeating that the charges are valid and they ignore me when i say that I did not sign off on him coming or doing any service. No matter who i speak, the chat line, email, or the phone, they all have the worst customer service. Especially on the phone, it sounds like they pick up bums from the corner and have them be CSRs. They are not professional and not courteous. I am cancelling my cable as soon as my contract ends. They are not professional and they are they are crooks. No evidence of service and no proof provided by the customer that they were there and they still charge you. Never again will i ever use them. I also will never recommened them to anyone. I will always speak badly of them to anyone who asks me or if i hear someone speaking of Verizon.

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VZ Direct Forum

May I suggest using the Direct Forum and seeing about getting in contact with someone here?
Lakeland, FL
·Verizon FiOS

Re: VZ Direct Forum

Just a troll, unfortunately BBR does not monitor or moderate the reviews.

All it takes is one phone call to Executive Customer Relations 212-395-1060 and it will be taken care of, but as we all know this is a socket puppet for another provider



Re: VZ Direct Forum


Warwick, RI

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What charges for what service?

Since you are not very specific, it's difficult to determine the truth of your claim. There is no service change where a technician makes a change on premises without a contact being there. If a change in service involves adding TV channels or speed tier to existing service, then there is ordinarily no visit, it is done remotely.

If you are disputing a Pay-per-view or a TV change, you may be able to get a reduction on the former, and can cancel the latter, although you may have problems going back to an old service level that is no longer supported.

If you claim that a service change was made by someone, but not by you, you can dispute that as an unauthorized service change. If a service change was authorized by you, but you got confused by the rep, you can dispute that. You have 30 days to cancel such a change easily, and it can still be disputed after that, but the longer you wait, the harder it is to get the dispute resolved in your favor.

If you are feeling stuck in a 24 month contract, you can cancel service at any time and the worst you will have to deal with is the ETF, which is cheaper than paying 24 months of service you don't want. And you can dispute the ETF if you can justify an improper service change.

But since you are not specific, there's not much to say except to call Executive Resolutions as suggested above. You won't get it fixed by complaining here. Sorry. You're stuck until you make the call.



direct forum reps are same ones who deal on twitter I didn't get my reward points 2 months ago never got it they said they can't do nothing.