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Review by nawhead See Profile

  • Location: Duluth,Gwinnett,GA
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Amazing tech support"
Bad "Has to use ATT's infrastructure"
Overall "Surprised by how good the service is every time."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Update April 2012:
Solid 6.5 megs for last year. Smooth sailing.

Update Jun 2011:
Speeds have been improving for the past few days during peak hours. Right now, 9pm on a Monday, getting 4+ meg speeds.

Update Aug 2010 thru Apr 2011:
ATT is oversubscribing their lines in the Gwinnett Place Mall area (possibly coinciding with the rollout of U-Verse) (»[Speed Problem] AT&T DSL speed drops every night).

As such, my 6 meg connection is now 1.5 megs (800-2.0 range) from 6-12 pm M-F and most all day Sat-Sun. 3 am on a Tuesday though, a solid 6.5 megs. I don't blame this on ATNEX since they can't force ATT to upgrade their infrastructure.

With that said, I'm staying with ATNEX as there is no better alternative. I won't switch to cable since it costs more (and I don't watch TV anyway), has more restrictions, and historically has always had this type of shared bandwidth problem. CLEAR is not reliable or competitive yet. And ATNEX is still the superior DSL option since they don't block ports and don't have usage caps like ATT DSL proper.

Original review:
I've had ATNEX service for several years now. They've been my only high speed ISP. Started at 1.5 meg and now at 6.0 meg. I've had to overcome some great trials (failing equipment around the neighborhood, phone company techs digging around places they shouldn't, hardware failures, lightning) and yet, I would not consider any other ISP today. Even if I got a deal for internet twice as fast and half as cheap. No way. I'm sticking with ATNEX.

It's like having a premium insurance policy. When something goes wrong (and with the crazy series of tubes that is the internet, a mishap is always a matter of When not If) these guys are going to treat you right, they're going to back you up, and you'll really get that feeling (the feeling you almost never get nowadays) that they're working for you and with you, not in spite of you.

It's a mystery to me how much they care. I call the tech support line and an actual technician picks up the line. They'll work through the problem and give you options right there. They're relentless to help. I've gotten calls on weekends and nights from technicians trying to solve my problems. I'll get email updates throughout the day during crisis time. The actual technician I talked to wants to come to my house. Wow. I almost feel embarrassed to take up so much of their time. My god, checking my email isn't a life or death situation, go home to your families, guys! But no, they're on the job, wanting to solve the problem as much as me. Thank you Atlantic Nexus. You've earned a lifetime customer.

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