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Review by Nightfall See Profile

  • Location: Grand Rapids,Kent,MI
  • Cost: $8 per month
Good "Incredibly fast setup! Reliability is top notch! Improved Customer Support!"
Bad "A little expensive"
Overall "Site5 is great for us casual webmasters"
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Setup experience:
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Tech Support:
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My Other Reviews

I moved to Site5 a little over 2 years ago from a very expensive webhost. Site5, at the time, was a great webhost with a lot of excellent reviews. Upon signing up, I was up and running almost immediately. Tech support helped me out in less than an hour when it came to moving my database over and fixing a couple permissions issues. I was very happy with their support and service.

Last year, I purchased a 2 year plan for $149 because I was so impressed with their service. I moved to a new server and account because I wanted the additional service and bandwidth that they sold. I had a couple hiccups, but support helped me out through the whole process. However, they were not as fast as they were when I first signed up with them.

Let me address the support issues first. When everything works, it works very well. My servers have 99.9 percent uptime or better. My site is always up and I can always make changes to it. I have no problems with my mail and so on. When I start making account changes or changing software on my site is when I need support to be sharp. They answer back in a hour or two whereas before it would be 15 minutes. I know we all want our service and support to be very fast. I don't have a problem with it being a little longer, but at the same time, the support has slipped with is why I rate them as a 3.

What I can say is this....

If you are a casual webdesigner or are looking for a server to house your mail and website, this is a great site for you. If you are a business hosting company that makes constant changes to SQL databases, moves your site from one account to another constantly, and does advanced things, this host may not be for you. I don't make a ton of changes to my site. I do edit the pages, but I don't make huge database changes. Therefore, this site is a good fit for me. At $6.21 a month, its a steal. Plus, there is no contract so if I cancel my account, I get all the remaining money back.

I recommend Site5.com.

UPDATE 10/25/07 - I just renewed my contract with a new plan. 1TB space, 10TB bandwidth, multisite for multiple sites, and a unique IP for 2 years for $9.15 a month. I prepayed for 2 years in advance which brought the price way down. As for my service though them, I can't be happier. My support tickets are answered in a timely manner and their uptime is very high.

UPDATE 08/04/08 - Still running on Site 5 and still happy. I only opened 3 support tickets in the last year, but all those were fixed very quickly. The issues that popped up were related to a server move problem. They had to update some of my permissions on the site and fix a couple things that broke. All is well and good in Site5 land.

UPDATE 02/18/09 - Still on Site 5 and still happy. I opened a couple support tickets in the last year and all those were fixed very quickly. One of them was my own fault as I wasn't watching what I was doing and screwed up one of the PHP tools. Still, they fixed it and I am still up and running. My contract with them ends in October and I am still happy with them. I will still look at other providers to make sure I am getting my moneys worth.

UPDATE 11/23/09 - Signed a new 3 year deal for Site5 service. Staying with them for a long time because of their great service.

UPDATE 10/22/10 - My service with Site5 is still excellent. No downtime. I maintain my own site, so I don't need any help from customer service. I haven't put in a help desk ticket to them in over 8 months. The last one I put in was answered and completed the next day. Glad I am still with Site5.

UPDATE 4/14/11 - I am still running on Site 5 and am about 1/2 through my 3 year deal that I renewed. It has been a great ride. I filled out one help desk ticket and the ticket was answered and fixed the same day. I am upgrading the tech support a notch on my review because of the smooth tech support I have gotten over the course of the last year. Mind you, I only have to put in a couple a year, but when I see fast communication back to me and a fast resolution, that has to count for something. Glad to still be with Site5 after all these years.

UPDATE 5/17/11 - I wanted to pass along a pleasant experience when it comes to the support on the site. I put in a help desk ticket and it was responded to within a couple hours time. The problem was very quickly resolved after that. Their technicians, with this one instance, were very responsive and helpful to fixing the issue.

UPDATE 11/30/11 - I haven't had any issues with Site5, but I am considering moving to a new host. I signed a long term committment with Site5 and I have been moving away from my site more and more. I am paid up until middle of next year, so I will continue to leverage it. I just may move to a less expensive website next year when the time comes.

UPDATE 6/11/12 - Site5 is great, but I am looking to move to a cheaper webhosting service in September when my year is up.

UPDATE 12/24/12 - I moved my service to a much cheaper provider. Will be posting a new review soon!

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