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Review by wbzial See Profile

  • Location: Grand-Saint-Esprit,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Prompt installation from dealer."
Bad "Everything went downhill the second the installer left the house"
Overall "Bad, really bad."
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Connection reliability:
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My little story with Xplornet.

I live in rural Quebec. No other isp available, i'm writting this on dial-up.

So, back in July 2012, we ordered the service with the 5mb package. The installer show up, and start his work. As i go back to inspect the installation job, i realized that there's some taped cables. They had to put a extention on their cable cause they planned too short.

So the guy does it's thing, and it's all good. 5mb dn with 700+ms of pong.

The day after, big speed drops, VOIP wont work nor skype. Since there's a few cloud i decided to wait till i call to see if it fix itself.

2 days later after more than 18hrs downtime, i call. Ho lord. I never got such a useless tech rep on the line. He got trouble hearing me, cause of the VOIP that work on restricted ressource. We end up understanding each other, and diagnose the probleme i'm having. My router is slowing my connection. "hoarding" was the expression he used.

Have you ever experienced a router that swallowed all your BW? Me neither.

So after arguing with the guy that a router doesn't act as such and calling is bullshit out, he hang up. HE JUST HANGED UP. I was pissed and up for a fight. So i call back and the same guy take the call. After trying to know why he cutted the line (to wich i never got an answer) i asked to talk to a Supervisor. Nop, they wont let you talk to one. So, since he's clearly not gonna do something to help me, i asked to be forwarded to the service cancellation dept., and guess what happened? Yep, he hung up once again. That was enough.

So i call back, and go straight to customer service. I talk to a lady about the issue, and ask to get a tech to come and take their piece of garbage off my property. Guess what, i can hear the tech in the background, lol'ing, telling the customer rep to close the line, which she did.

2 calls later, i get the cancellation order but guess what, they came 3weeks after. But that wasn't the end of my misery with Xplornet. Because, THEY BILLED ME. 62$ off my bank account the next month. After a call at the bank, i got my money back.

Please, keep away from those guys. So sad our they got our taxes money to finance their service. This company wouldn't exist without it.

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