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Review by Os See Profile

  • Location: Cumberland,Allegany,MD
  • Cost: $6995 per month
Good "Consistent speed, no bandwidth caps, excellent tech support, best available in area"
Bad "Value, no DOCSIS 3.0 speeds, some problems with cable TV lineup"
Overall "Best available in Allegany County, MD; Prices Getting Way Too High"
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I've been with Atlantic Broadband for 3 years now. I currently have their 8 Mb/512 internet. It started as a promotional deal with VoIP access for $49.99 for the first year (plus modem rental). It's gone up $20 or so since then, but it's the best available broadband in this area. Verizon offers nothing more than 3 Mbps DSL, and wants more for it, plus their customer service and billing departments are horrible (left Verizon to head to ABB)

Order and install at new residence was done 5/09. There were some early problems due to bad wiring, but they were fixed. I have very few connectivity issues and the speed is fairly consistent. I'm never below 6.5 Mbps. I can pretty much do whatever I want online, most important to me being online video (HD quality) and I have very few tiling issues or slowdowns. Tech support when I've called has been incredibly helpful, technicians went above and beyond to fix wiring issues, and make sure quality service was attainable.

Some friends have reported some suspecting of throttling with torrents, but I don't really get into those. Some friends have also had issues with connectivity. No bandwidth caps on the horizon, which is a major plus. I use my connection pretty heavily (1 computer) and am glad I don't have to worry about those.

Package is $140/month with cable TV (no digital). I know that's a little high, but Comcast would be little better (who controls the western portion of the county). My bigger complaints are with TV, having disputes with Comcast SportsNet, not offering MLB/NHL/NBA/Big Ten Network, but HD offerings are second to none for the area (Comcast Frostburg system has no HD yet, bought from Adelphia) as are the wide variety of local affiliates for NFL games on Sundays (DC/Baltimore/Altoona-Johnstown affiliates available).

It would be nice to get some of the high speeds some can get elsewhere, but if you're in this area, the best (and arguably, only) choice is Atlantic Broadband.

3/28/11 UPDATE: Max service was upgraded at the beginning of the month to 10 Mbps down/1 Mbps up. Tonight I started receiving that speed. Very happy. There is now a MegaMax service at 15 down/1.5 up available.

The Uniontown service area has seen a massive upgrade to their HD channel lineup, they're over 80 now. I hope Altoona/Johnstown/Cumberland will be seeing the same very soon. If they do, I'll upgrade. Glad to see ABB getting aggressive again at improving their product.

5/12/11 UPDATE: New bill raised price another $13/month. $154 for expanded basic (no digital or HD cable), 10/1 internet and phone is just too high. Called ABB to negotiate new rates, all they could do was issue me a $10 credit on TV for a year. When you consider what others are being offered, we're really being gouged out here since Verizon DSL (Frontier on the WV side) is it. First person told me to downgrade internet to 5/512 because "That's still fast". The sales rep acted like I was insane when I started listing off all the companies with 50 Mbps speed, and that finally upgrading to 10 Mbps was the greatest thing ever. Sales rep got defensive when I mentioned how the channel offerings were being lapped by just about everyone when I started asking if some new ones were going to be added.

I've thought pretty highly of ABB, but if they start capping (and I hope they don't), I'll probably cut them off for Verizon.

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