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Review by saboken See Profile

  • Location: Johnstown,Cambria,PA
  • Cost: $129 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "I get internet and TV"
Bad "Poor line up for $ Cable Card FCC Violations"
Overall "The Most Dishonest Company Ever!!!!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I purchased a Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe card, first the woman at the local office in Johnstown PA was very rude about my choice to use a Cable Card! second they refused to hit the card from the head end and resulted in a unnecessary truck roll that I told them I refuse to pay for because they were at fault for not listening to me! and they said if I was at fault they would charge me. Guess what I was right the tech had to hit the card from the Head End!

Then comes the FCC law that says they need to deduct the cost of the equipment I was leasing prior to going to a Cable Card, this is where they may have dug themselves a grave, they told me if I return the DVR and HD receiver, I would be breaking my bundle and I would be charged ala carte? the law clearly states they have to discount me the published rate for the equipment that was included in my package!!

I have filed a complaint with the FCC about the clear law violation and also contacted the Attorney General, Ceton also asked if they could help and I agreed! they called ABB and Ceton told me they (ABB) would call me, when that call came they had the nerve to offer me a $2.00 discount? I refused and she said I was already getting a discount in my bundle and they could not give me anymore! because they would not be making any money!

I told them I would let the FCC deal with them and I was trying to work with them to sort this out before the FCC forced them to obey the laws! so now I have their equipment in a closet because I can't return it without penalty yet and will demand a refund for it from the day I activated the Cable Card! has anyone else on ABB in PA had this issue? have you filed FCC complaints? if not I think we need to stand up for our rights and do whatever it takes to get this sorry company to Obey the Federal Laws imposed on them! this includes Tivo users, I don't know about you but I am tired of Company's walking all over consumers and believing they are above the law. I should be getting about a $45.00 discount and if the debundle me I will be paying $60.00 more than I am now!

I forgot to mention one of their installers Stole a Narcotic Prescription from my disabled wife! he knew she was legally blind and didn't get it the first day! so he came back the next day unannounced in uniform and said he forgot to take a reading?

ABB verified he was not authorized to return and did not report his stop, he denied it but I have Cameras outside my home linked to my security system that busted him! ABB never once offered anything for their employees wrong doing yes He was arrested and charged.

I never filed suit against ABB even though they are responsible for their employees actions, I reminded them on the phone there is a 2 year statute of limitation to sue them and they still didn't care about the FCC law! the case is public info at Cambria County Court House, there may have been more victims of the Employee?

if a Johnstown PA ABB installer stole from you PM me if you know the name of the Installer? if it is the same person I will pm the court docket # to you! I will not post his name because I don't want anyone making false claims! I am Ex law enforcement and will not allow a witch hunt to start just because you hate ABB.

There Tech that stole from us has managed to get 5 more cases put on him ID theft, fraud, and a bunch of other charges there are 4-5 Felony's! even after he got a slap on the wrist and no Jail time but ABB assured me they check everyone out! I don't think so. now when anyone from ABB is at my home I won't let them more than 4 feet from me!!!

Now they are owned by Cogeco

I hope this brings much needed change to ABB

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Johnstown, PA

I have one good thing to say about ABB

When DirecTv gave me a bad receiver that started zapping electronics in my previous home including there Voice Modem they swapped it out free even after it was there competitors equipment that did the damage because Direct Sat refused to ground their equipment! and one of DTV's boxes started to put 77.6 volts out through it's ground and it had nowhere to go except first into the modem because there Swim networking device was attached to a router next to the modem, and a few other computers in the house. and DirectTv refused to pay for any damages but fortunately our Military Insurance USAA paid on the claim! this left a bad taste in my mouth about DTV and I had no choice but to choose ABB for TV even with the loss of 3D Channels and a lot of other HD channels. I just wish they would have helped prove to USAA that the DTV receiver was in fact pumping out voltage through it's ground USAA lost the suit against DTV because we had no proof from a witness that our claim was valid the ABB tech was the only professional that saw the voltage reading that was neutral in the case.

Queen Anne, MD

Something didn't ring true...

I made a quick call to my FCC attorney friend and he told me, like it or not, de-bundling you is something they are within their rights to do. It isn't right but it is how they get away with discouraging the use of your own equipment.

Johnstown, PA

Re: Something didn't ring true...

This is the FCC Rule for CableCard users. They CAN NOT debundle you! It clearly states that you will receive discount on whatever package you are in, see 1st section of this rule:

New rules went into effect on August 8, 2011, that clarified and expanded rights for owners of CableCARD-ready devices. Here are a few things you need to know.

Pay only for equipment you have. Your operator must give you a discount on any packages that include the price of a set-top box if you choose to use your own CableCARD-enabled device. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5).
Accurate information on the rental cost of a CableCARD from your provider. Your operator must list the cost of a CableCARD rental on its website or billing inserts and on its annual rate notice, and must provide you with this information when you call. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5), 76.1602(b). Typically operators charge $2-4 per month to rent a CableCARD.
Use your own set-top box without extra charge. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(5)(C). Your cable operator may charge you to lease a CableCARD or tuning adapter, but may not charge you an additional service fee for using your own digital-cable-ready television or set-top box.
Self-install your CableCARD. Effective August 8, 2011, cable operators must allow self-installation of CableCARDs if they allow self-installation of other equipment, such as digital boxes or cable modems. By November 1, 2011, all cable operators must allow self-installation of CableCARDs. Your operator may decline your request for self-installation if your equipment manufacturer or vendor does not provide you with instructions on how to install a CableCARD and offer a toll-free telephone number for product support. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(1).
Receive the number of CableCARDs you request. If you opt for a professional installation by your cable operator, the technician must arrive with at least the number of CableCARDs you request. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(3). If you opt for self installation your operator must provide them to you through their normal self-installation procedures (for example by mailing them to you or letting you pick them up at the operator’s local retail location). Some CableCARD devices may require two CableCARDs to access all features. Refer to your user manual for more information.
Receive a multi-stream CableCARD unless you request otherwise. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(2). If you have a retail device with more than one tuner and that device supports multi-stream CableCARDs, one multi-stream CableCARD can allow you to access multiple simultaneous channels.
Receive all “linear” channels (channels other than “on-demand”) in your subscription package. This includes premium channels and specialty channels. For some channels delivered using a technique called “switched digital video,” you may need a second device called a “tuning adapter.” This device is typically provided at no additional charge to CableCARD customers. FCC Rule 76.1205(b)(4). CableCARD-ready devices currently cannot receive your cable operator’s Video on Demand services.
Get accurate information about services available to CableCARD subscribers. FCC Rule 76.1205(c).
If your cable operator does not resolve your concern, you may file a complaint with the FCC and/or your local franchise authority. To file your complaint with the Commission, click on www.fcc.gov/complaints.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: Something didn't ring true...

Correct. A "package" is different than a "bundle" of multiple services.