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Review by luckied See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost: $36 per month
  • Install: about 13 days
Good "Outstanding support; service! These peoples are AMAZING!"
Overall "They are my favorite ISP"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Well, this may be a rant but I don't care xD

I'm not all that easy to please when it comes to the Internet. One of the top ISP's (and fastest growing) in Canada who shall remain nameless actually disappointed me.

Electronicbox has been outstanding and I've only been a customer for a few hours. Well, okay, I had them at my last apartment as well and loved them so much I'm back!

Anyways, ping times are incredible and far better than anything I've received with either Bhell or other ginormous hogs. Also, they're local so I don't have to route my data all the way to Toronto or even New York just to get to local sites

I'm not a gamer so while ping times don't matter as much to me, I work in the telecom industry where it's all about the stats, I do however plan on hosting VoIP and running an aweful lot of VPN/RDP which is encrypted traffic and depends heavily on a stable connection.

Moreover, these people actually care about you and your needs. They aren't out to gouge you or make a quick buck. I really am proud to be an Ebox customer and wish more people will spread the word on this fantastic company.

The only issue I had when hooking up my Cable connection was my own fault. I run a Cisco 851 as my edge firewall/router and therefore my DHCP server is on another subnet (a fancy way of saying I need to configure something known as DHCP server relay to make it all work seamlessly). Because of this, whenever the 851 tried to attain an address from Ebox it looked at the approved list and realized Ebox's server wasn't listed and therefore denied the offer.

Long story short though...when I called Ebox about it, the tech walked me through the basic troubleshooting steps without babying me or holding my hand. He was polite, courteous and professional. We tried a laptop (something I did previously without success) and poof! It worked. This confirmed my Internet worked. The tech (wish I'd gotten him name...though I'd have loved to have gotten a chance to speak with JP) still STAYED ON THE LINE WITH ME!

This is VERY key! He didn't just hang up on me telling me, "we;re sorry but it's not our network so we can't help you!" He actually tried to the best of his ability (without knowing the details of my setup, which is a VERY hard task!) to provide support.

When I realized my mistake, I thanked him and made the appropriate changes and swiftly did three things:

1) Speedtet (you have to, right?!) which suprised me. I am on a regular calbe line rated @ 8.5Mbps/800kbps and I achieved 8.72Mbps/1/02Mbps!!!! This had me jumping for joy because VoIP/VPN/RDP and the other server's I require will need a good upload speed and I sure as heck got it (so long as my neighborhood isn't congested)

2) Emailed Ebox thanking them and asking for their DHCP server address(es) in order to add them to my router's config.

3) Writing this review. Call it suck-up or whatever. I don't care. So long as I don't have to deal with Bell/Videotron and have a group of people that care about my network, work hard to keep it operational and let me know of any upcoming changes/upgrades/maintenance's then I am more than satisfied. In fact, I must admit this openly - Ebox is more than just an ISP to me. They are a full support system

Can anyone beat them by sheer price/speed/service....I'd say it's possible. But overall there is not a single company that could endorse me to write such fabulous praise! Way to go Ebox!

Gotta meet JP one of these days...


P.S You may not the 13 days from order -> success...this is actually Videotron's fault as they were short-staffed and couldn't get a tech out to my place until that date. Nothing to hold Ebox accountable for, just the way things are sometimes. Nevertheless, JP and Natasha put up with my whining and tried their best and I'm all the more glad to know these people DO care, as I'll iterate one last time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

P.P.S @diskace my client # is LD17

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