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Review by alienzzz See Profile

  • Location: Verdun, QC
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Great customer service, decent pricing"
Bad "Minor slowdowns"
Overall "Right now best choice for capped cable connection in QC"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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Switched from TSI DSL to Electronic Box Cable.

One thing worth mentioning is that Ebox was the first ISP to release QC cable rates after the CRTC 2011-703 decision, while it was still pending as a result of Bell trying to get it reversed. They literally put themselves on the line for doing so before their competitors in order to offer affordable internet before anyone else did and this is what made me decide to give them a shot.

The ordering process and the communication was top notch from beginning to end. The staff is extremely friendly and makes you feel like a valued customer.
Their technical support staff is also on the ball and extremely forthcoming.

Unlike the DSL installation over Bell's lines, it is possible to schedule a cable technician during a specific install window such as evenings and weekends. They are punctual and show up on time. Again, unlike Bell's DSL techs, who require you to take a day off form work and stay at home during an 8-hour window, these guys are punctual and friendly.

I chose the 30/2 speed tier with 250 GB monthly cap. Initially my connection was set up on the 8/1 profile instead. Ebox owned up to the mistake and got it fixed in under 48 hours, without any service interruption.

There are minor hiccups to the service: there are minor slowdowns during peak hours, but nothing too bad. The good thing is that Ebox listens to its customers and fixes & works on fixing any problems that may arise very quickly. Their updates are transparent so the customers always know what's happening.

The service is decently priced. Thanks to the excessive greed of Bell, their DSL service through wholesale is now very non-competitively priced. I am paying the same amount for a 30/2 mbit cable that I was paying previously for a 10/0.8 DSL connection.

Note that the modem is shipped with Purolator, so if you live locally in Montreal, it's better to go and pick it up at their office in Longueil.

All in all highly recommended.


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