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Review by omasse See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Strong alternative to the big cableco for power users"
Bad "Mom and pop ordering process"
Overall "Recommended"
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-- UPDATE 2013/06/07:

After over one year, I can say that I'm very satisfied and I'm moving up to 100%. At 10mb/s, I have more than enough to stream Netflix. I've had no slowdown and noticed only one daytime outage which was due to a fault on Videotron's network. Called a few times to change my credit card number and for tech issues; I never waited too long in queue and was greeted by professional staff who didn't follow a script. Being treated like a human feels good!


As a cordcutter, I needed a way to stream from Netflix without needing to check my cap daily. My previous provider offered me a cap of 50GB. Moving to ebox with their 250GB cap was a wise decision, and it costs me much less than before.

Everything during the move to ebox went well, it was done in time and I didn't have any trouble. Thumbs up to Videotron's automated calling system.

There has been some (now resolved) technical problems with the 60Mbit plan, the owner didn't hide under a rock and posted the facts right here on DSL Reports. Such an attitude enhances the trust relationship between ebox and its customers.

Note that ebox is still small, thus the customer relationship, at least at the moment, has a mom and pop feeling. This translates to stellar and personalized customer service, which is appreciated by many here. But it also means that there are a few mishaps which make the ordering process feel unprofessional. For example, when I ordered online, they didn't send me a copy of my order form except an empty email with only a subject line, then they sent me back my credit card number in clear later in the process. There doesn't seem to be a ticketing system, and no welcome e-mail with setup information. I'm pretty sure over time, this will be addressed.

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