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Review by InstantOcean See Profile

  • Location: Montreal-Nord,QC
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Awesome prices, reliability and service."
Bad "They make Vidoetron look bad... wait, that's not bad!!!"
Overall "Eat your heart out VL... Ebox is here to STAY!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Finally, a reliable, responsible company that offers an advantageous alternative to the indecent abusive business model of Videotron. I've been waiting for years for some one like Electronic Box to popup in the playing field and really give us an alternative. I've been at the ruthless mercy of Videotron for more than 20 years and now, I finally got rid of them and I can only be happy. Every single year, year after year, increases by a $1 or 2... and my services... Lets just say that the service became below par when they started getting cheap labor off-shore. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against foreign workers as long as they get the proper training to maintain a certain quality of service one is expecting from a major player in the market. That is one aspect of it. The other one is that VL is totally, but I mean totally disconnected from the Internet reality of our years. I mean, high speed Internet with a cap of 50GB/month at close to $50? Are you out of your Vulcan minds? For the same amount or just about, I get not 8 down and 1 up.... no, no, no. I get 30Gbps download and 2Gbps upload. Not with a ridiculous cap of 50GB... 5 times that!! 250GB/month... Same price! They are lucky that Electronic Box doesn't have the budget to do mass advertisement like VL does. VL would drop like a fly in no time!

Bottom line: Excellent array of packages and speeds that will suit anyone's desire at a decent price with excellent bang for your buck, no matter what you choose. Plus, the service, tech or customer, is simply outstanding. The question is, really: If you are a customer of Videotron and are reading this, why on earth are you still here and not on the Electronic Box page to chose your package? Ebox is here and it's time to move on and truly enjoy Internet at a decent price, with high speed, good caps and great prices. You won't regret it... I sure don't!

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