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Review by Muzzy See Profile

  • Location: Gatineau,QC
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Price, reliability"
Bad "Install Co-ordination"
Overall "Service is stable. Price is good."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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Since the changes in February 2012 (new CRTC rules went into force), DSL became an unacceptable option particularly because I could not get anything above 6M service. When I considered switching to cable I considered 2 companies based on DSLReports.com reviews. The difference came down to installation costs since for my needs everything else matched up.

So I ordered my 30/2 service at the beginning of April and it took about 3 weeks for the install (probably because I asked for PM install). Couple of minor errors happened with respect to my original order and shipping (the later was actually Purolator's fault) and both were resolved in friendly and helpful way.

On the installation day the tech showed up, setup the line and tested it, the modem wouldn't sync right away but it eventually did (which I've read is common for new installs). That same evening at about 8:30pm I got a call from Ebox doing a follow-up.

So I'm writing this review roughly a month after my installation and so far I have nothing to complain about. I've also cancelled my telephone line and have ported my number to Freephoneline.ca

All in all, I'm happy, moving to Ebox and cancelling my phone line has resulted in me paying pretty much what I was paying before (within $5 difference) but for about 6 times the download speed.

UPDATE Sept 8, 2012: Recently ordered cable for my father's place in the Montreal area. Since my father's place didn't have cable in the past, the installation might have to go through Videotron's engineering (at the end it wasn't much engineering, they just pulled a cable from a pole 30 feet away to the house so I don't think they can charge $200 for that). Not going to go through all the details but Installation was ordered on August 6th with the understanding that it could take a couple of weeks because of possible engineering. Cable installation was done on August 29th (with no real notice and a fluke chance that someone was home when the tech arrived) and the modem arrived on September 5th.

I was going to write a long story of my recent experience, but I thought I would rather keep it short and state the bottom line. The entire second installation was a disappointing experience in customer relations and not what I had expected from E box. It wasn't the delay that bothered me but rather how E box handled our disagreement about service activation that was equivalent to 50% of the monthly service fee (roughly $20) which apparently is equal to 6 months profit to them. I finally gave up. I just hope that the service stays solid and stable and that I don't have to deal with customer service. Videotron and the client can't always be the escape goats.

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