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Review by smallj53 See Profile

  • Location: Niagara Falls,ON
  • Cost: $48 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Good service and good price"
Bad "I had to do a little running around..."
Overall "Good isp, obviously up and coming"
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So I missed Electronicbox's call and their email to tell me when the service was going to start. I guess not getting my dsl username and password on the install date counts as a hassle as well. The Bell tech never showing up on the install date I suppose could have been trouble too...

But I'm an experienced dsl user from the bad old days of the original Nortel modem so it was just a little more fun on my end. I called for the install date and I called for the username and password. When the Bell tech never showed I called again. Everyone was super polite and knowledgeable. I guess Electronicbox doesn't do too many dsl installs, it's all cable these days.

Anyway, Bell did their work. I knew that when I got a shock fooling with their line the day before the install date. The dry loop was definitely up so I went with one of my five or so dsl modems I have kicking around. A few minutes later and I'm doing 5100/650 or so with signal to noise in the teens on both upload and download. Nice.

Should you go for Electronicbox? Sure. The support they give is top notch. Should you go with dsl? No. I like dsl because it is more interesting than cable. For the average user, you get more bandwith, faster speeds and less trouble with cable.

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Montreal, QC


Really? Your SNR was in the teens?! That's incredible over a DSL line! You must be VERY close to a C.O!

Best of luck