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Review by LiKwiDz See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu,QC
  • Cost: $68 per month
  • Install: about 28 days
Good "Good Price, stable conection"
Bad "Installation(not done by Ebox)"
Overall "Satisfied"
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After more then a year with Ebox, I am now a happy camper

I had trouble with the installation.. but all the issue have been resolved fast

After a year I decided to remove the bad review I gave. after the install issue have been resolved I had not problem at all, Reliable and constant speed

I am very happy with the Service


Après plus de 1ans avec Ebox je suis satisfais des service, connexion fiable et stable
Jai eu un pépin a l’installation mais ces maintenant chose du passe, je suis très content du service

member for 3.9 years, 520 visits, last login: 148 days ago
updated 1.1 years ago


Montreal, QC

Be patient around moving day

Glad you got everything working but remember there are legal issues betwen VL and Ebox and VL is NOT ALLOWED to touch your modem. I was told this when I picked up my modem and already knew it since I work in telecom.

Just a point to remember that around moving day they are INCREDIBLY busy with new activations and therefore prone to more delays and mishaps.

However, it looks like everything worked out fine for you

If you need support regarding your Cable connect, make sure you test WITHOUT a router (i.e. directly connected to your modem) and use either speedtest.electronicbox.net or testvitesse.videotron.ca.

If applicable, make sure to use the longueuil server and not the Mont-Royal one. Lastly, if you have issues with speed, send me or them your traceroutes as speedtest servers are not the only measurement (nor are they 100% accurate) of your connection.

Here's a traceroute from my work to Ebox:

dluckie@epiamaster:~$ traceroute speedtest.electronicbox.net
traceroute to speedtest.electronicbox.net (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 netscreen ( 0.361 ms 0.411 ms 0.497 ms
2 4.ar1.mtl2.mtotelecom.net ( 1.841 ms 1.854 ms 1.855 ms
3 tge-1-3.cr1.mtl2.mtotelecom.net ( 1.818 ms 1.835 ms 1.835 ms
4 xe-0-0-0.cr1.mtl1.ca.nlayer.net ( 1.835 ms 1.839 ms 1.839 ms
5 as1403.xe-0-0-1-613.cr1.mtl1.ca.nlayer.net ( 1.817 ms 1.821 ms as1403.xe-0-0-1-613.cr1.mtl1.ca.nlayer.net ( 2.134 ms
6 core2.cable.gig02.electronicbox.net ( 2.407 ms 1.848 ms dsl-184-116-74-20.electronicbox.net ( 1.728 ms

As you can see, this only goes over 6 hops which is amazing (and the latency is less than 2ms since I'm directly on a fiber network)

Best of luck!

Montreal, QC

Re: Be patient around moving day

Can you contact us for your speed problem, since you telling us that you never been able to get your full speed... I would be very curious what is causing the problem actually. Unless you call us to make some verification, we will not be able to give you any support.

The speed you showing me are very slow, can you post on the forum a speedtest screenshot done on speedtest.net on longueuil server please?

Thanks a lot


Montreal-Nord, QC
Sorry mate, and believe me, I don't want to be rude, but your review is something else. I mean, you are probably one of a very few "select" people that complains about Ebox. To make it public and in a review to be seen by all is your prerogative. On the other hand, you have to consider and take into account the circumstances.

You moved during the highest, most active period of the year, when VL is flooded with changes... the 1st of July. And you are surprised that they sorta put you in the back of the line? DUH! Youa re changing ISP... you are not a priority. Their customers are. Simple enough.

Furthermore, to claim that you get on a 30Mb/s connection only 67KB/sec on FTP.... If I were you, I would check my computer and see if everything is in order. I find it extremely hard to believe that you would only achieve that speed with an Ebox connection.

I'm no fanboy but I know that EBox delivers from experience. What you relate to us here is some sort of nightmarish mishap that I find hard to believe. Not saying you are lying... just find it hard to believe.





Re: Be patient around moving day

There is contently a issue with single type connections(FTP) via Ebox. I'm also having it.

As per diskace, they are working on the issue.


Montreal, QC

Poor experience

Hey InstantOcean, no need to break out the pitchforks :P

I can confirm that in fact LiKwiDz's activation experience was shit.

There were many factors in play though, new activation in/around the month of July with a weekend only dispo is the first, there were some areas in Montreal what were booked for evenings and weekends well into the month of august when we started with the July 1st rush.

One of the things that sucked with this year's rush is that we had a high number of mix-ups with our provider and how they notified us of an installation date as well as the times we specified for our clients.

I am in no way saying it is acceptable, but it happened.

Some clients did receive an automated call before we had the email with the date and in some cases we never got the date. Even more numerous were the cases where we were provided a RDV that was completely the opposite of what was asked, I can only guess that is because "dispatch" was 10x busier than we were.

When we approached the end of June, we were initially accepting RDVs that did not match clietn's original preferences to avoid longer wait times, in hopes that the client could make the choice to make do or choose to get something further in the future that was 100% acceptable. Delays for RDV's were insane.

And of course, as luck would have it, the creation of the web hosting account took longer than it should of.

As for any speed issue, I am not qualified to diagnose/fix that but seriously recommend contacting support. If we don't get alerted of an issue we cannot work to resolve it :P

As we are growing to be one of Quebec's biggest TPIA cable provider some bumps do happen, but we are constantly working on improving everything from our communication with our supplier and our customers experience and everything in between.

Thanks for the honest review, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can/should do to improve on in the future.
Electronic Box Inc.
Natasha Contardi


Montreal-Nord, QC

Re: Poor experience

Nat... Dear Nat!

I'm not bashing this guy at all and I'm not saying either that his connection/switching over went "according to plans". What I am saying is that his misfortune is partly circumstantial rather than a direct fault from Ebox. I've also made some tests of my own on FTP transfers and do not come even remotely close to the numbers posted. Is it full speed? No. Sorry, but it is slower. But not to the extent that is said in the review. Not saying he is lying... just saying that I cannot duplicate his experience/numbers. Dunno why.

I'm very sorry for this guy that had a very bad experience at start. But I feel, and that is only MY opinion, that when you write a review, one should be careful about all the circumstances and who is to blame and who is not to blame.

One thing comforts me and at the same time doesn't surprises me, is that he is getting all the proper attention from staff to give him satisfaction and that is what makes Ebox an excellent ISP.


Montreal, QC

Re: Poor experience

My bad