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Review by Sukunai See Profile

  • Location: Lindsay,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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I choose eBox because my very capable, very savvy, very informed, hard to please, expert computer counsel told me he was choosing them.

First rule of computers and the internet, you listen to the guy that sees to it your computer is running properly. 2nd rule of computers, anything good enough for your expert, is good enough for you.

Install went fine, the tech eBox sent seemed a bit under skilled in comparison to the tech from Bell that did follow up on the processes I needed done (dry loop install). The wiring was not up to the challenge of the dry loop, and the Bell tech ended up rewiring some of my line inside to make up for it.

There was a bit of confusion in getting my service running smoothly, and eBox on the phone ensured me it was all warrantied for a short bit to cover against any difficulties. Tech help was friendly and helpful.

Granted, my buddy thinks they should have picked up on a couple of issues that cropped up. He saw them for what they were almost instinctively. Which just goes to show, that while it is nice to have good service, it is also vital to have a buddy that knows precisely what is wrong so in order to tell the tech on the phone what needs fixing But that has been the case with all of my providers in the past. They need more people of the calibre of my friend, working in their companies

My time with eBox has been short still though. So I will not make grand statements yet.

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