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Review by defekticon See Profile

  • Location: Rising Sun,Cecil,MD
  • Cost: $180 per month
Good "Fast, technicians are friendly"
Bad "Overpriced. data limit, caps... Customer service reps will outright lie to you."
Overall "Pick someone else if you have a choice."
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Armstrong in my opinion used to be a GREAT ISP before May 2013. They had excellent service and their support service was great as well. HOWEVER, as of May of this year I was singled out since my family actually uses our internet connection to stream video, play games and do work.

I was paying 62.45 for TV plus, 59.95 for Zoom Pro 3.95 for one cable card and 50 dollars a month for extra bandwidth!!! 180 total per month!!! All because my wife wanted to watch Supernatural on Netflix. I could've gone out and bought the entire Blueray DVD collection for less than what it cost me in bandwidth month over month for her to watch 7 seasons of a TV show that's normally on basic cable. Fit that around your head.

I contacted customer service to figure out what my options were to bring my bill back into the scope of reality and the customer service agent shoved some propaganda that the "Sales team said we had to provide tiered internet services because we can't handle the additional bandwidth of Netflix". Horse shit. I cancelled all of it except for the basic cable service 39.95. I now have a 150gig cap, but as soon as I can find an alternative provider I will switch.

Also there appears to be an ARMSTRONG representative "concerned@zoominternet" calling out people who complain about the caps in reviews as "bandwidth hogs that are taking advantage of the average user and not paying their fair share". Which is an outright false statement.

The truth is that service providers are seeing stark declines in cable subscriptions so they need to make up revenue lost by taking advantage of people who chose to stream media through Netflix. Citation below:

Directly from the article:

"Such caps, Bode concludes, "are and have always been about the cable industry imposing price hikes on broadband to offset expected declines in TV subscribers (due to Internet video) and Internet phone customers (courtesy of wireless)."

Cable companies have abandoned the argument they once tried to lodge -- that heavier users caused "congestion" on their networks -- in favor of an argument about "pricing fairness." This is the theory that people who are heavier users of Internet service should pay more for it. This doesn't make much sense either, though, since it doesn't really cost ISPs any more to deliver lots of content to a particular user as it does to deliver just a bit. Most of the costs borne by cable providers are the fixed costs of building out networks, many of which have already been paid off. Variable costs are negligible. Earlier this year, Bernstein Research analyst Craig Moffet said the biggest cable companies' ISP services were "almost comically profitable," with margins of about 97%.

Bode doesn't hold back. Data caps and tiered services, he wrote, are "about predatory mono/duopolists in uncompetitive markets raising your prices because you don't have a choice.""


So I will counter their price hikes with getting rid of services that provide no benefit and getting my bill as low as possible while still taking advantage of internet streaming services. FU Armstrong, you'll not take advantage of me any longer.

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I have had the same problems with armstrong!

I went from 40$ a month to 100$ just because they say it cost a pretty penny to get the internet to are homes thats BS. Once I find a provider that has a better billing plan I will switch myself this is a out rage, if there so worried about Netflix taking there cable customer. Maybe they should make there own moving streaming app. Instead they up are internet bc we drop are cable and are bill's end up staying the same or go up higher then before . They will lose this battle bc im going to be heard like everyone else that gets a break from this hash world an has it taken away!