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Review by pog4 See Profile

  • Location: Kihei,Maui,HI
  • Cost: $29 per month
Good "solid connection, no peak period slowdowns"
Bad "slow compared to mainland"
Overall "good value but aging infrastructure"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I've had service on this line from the Telco since 2000. For a while it was GTE, then it was Verizon, now it's Hawaiian Telcom. During my time with Verizon, I made the transition from Frame Relay to ATM... however, the speeds I'm getting now (7mpbs/768kbps) were more than possible with the FR equipment. My home line does not qualify for the 11mbps package.

Anyway, I also manage a number of other DSL connections around Maui... all either Upcountry, Lahaina, Wailuku, or Kihei. I don't really pay attention to Pre Sales info but nothing negative stands out.

Connectivity has been rock solid for a long time. There's no escaping the ping penalty for being located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The services are great. I define service as connectivity only, though. I don't use ISP email, I don't use the portal, I don't care about "value-added" anything.

Awesome value for money. No slow downs (at least for me, connected to my Kihei CO). No caps (yet). There is no 3rd party DSL provider that comes close... especially since you still have to pay Hawaiian Tel for the line no matter what.

update 2010-11-14: I was finally able to get 7mbps service recently at home. They sent me a free wireless modem and I returned the old modem to the HT store at Kaahumanu Mall. The next bill I received (dated 2 weeks AFTER I returned the modem) had a charge of $195 for the new modem! I was prepared to cancel everything and tell them to shove it. When I called to complain, they said no problem and asked for the receipt number for when I returned the old modem. This was not a glitch, the rep said. Everyone has to CALL in to get credited for their return. Not a very pleasant thing to do without upfront explanation. Not a very smart thing, either. How does it pay to anger customers for no reason? (This is a systemic problem with HT's billing and ordering departments. I have many RECENT horror stories about the phone side of their operations, especially the business side).

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