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Review by asgiov See Profile

  • Location: El Dorado Hills,El Dorado,CA
  • Cost: $80 per month
Good "Best Ping, decent speeds for the price in rural areas, unlimited monthly use"
Bad "Customer service is slow, curt, rude, and unapologetic. Speeds during"
Overall "There aren't too many alternatives... it's this or satellite in rural areas. If you don't need good latency, go with satellite.."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Update: 1/14/13

The service has gone down considerably since we joined. They began offering faster speed tiers up to 6Mbps.. but the service has gotten pretty bad since then. It's nice getting the faster download speeds when they work... but any time during the evening or weekend you can expect even the lowest 360p youtube quality videos to struggle.

Customer service also seems to have changed.... Originally.... we would get constant apologies if anything went wrong and the owner would go out of his way to fix things when they went wrong... customer service USED to be A+++

but now its been taken over but a generally rude and curt technician who seems like he'll bite your head off if you bother him with any single small problem.

And if your connection goes out Friday night? tough.... he'll get back to you on Monday and schedule an appointment to have someone come out and fix it in a couple days IF he can't do it over the phone.

The only benefits to Zeta is no monthly allowances and a good, fast ping.

Ultimately, Hughesnet offers a better service now, giving 15Mbps... twice as fast as Zeta for the same price... As long as you stay under 40GBs per month.. this should be fine for most people. It's just not great for 'gaming'.. which is the only reason we are sticking with Zeta Broadband.

If things don't improve... we will definitely jump ship as soon as something better comes along.

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