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Review by habskilla See Profile

  • Location: Moncton,NB
  • Cost: $162 per month
Good "Excellent speed. Good support"
Bad "Wish it was free :)"
Overall "If you can order FibreOp get it!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Edit May 16, 2011 to review FibreOp.
Install date was May 13, 2011. Technician showed up at 9:15 AM and completed the install at 3 PM. All the equipment was installed inside the house. The tech ran into many problem because the service was not provisioned properly. By the end of the day, all install issues were worked out.

I ordered the TV, phone, and the 70 Mb/30 Mb internet package. I got the promo price of 3 months @$99 then $162 for the next 9 months.

The TV package included upgrade to mediaroom v1.6. TV works very well with the new software.

The phone was a winback from Vonage. I very sorry to let Vonage go. FibreOp still uses copper for phone. That said, it's nice to have POTs quality back.

Internet is screaming fast. Download is as advertised at 70 Mb down. Astraweb has no problem maxing out my download with just 8 connections. On the upload site, I've easily maxed out the upload via utorrent. The service is UNCAPPED and UNTHROTTLED.

Living in a small town in Eastern Canada usually means we're a bit behind the times, but when it comes to FTTH, we are leading all of Canada.

End of FibreOp review.

Review of Internet MAX pre FibreOp install:
I live in a neighbourhood where there is FTTN which means I can get Aliant TV. Until recently, if you had TV and only could get Ultra which is 7 Mb down but the upload is ~1.7 Mb. Aliant upgraded something and now TV people can get MAX for an extra $5 a month.

MAX is advertised as 15 Mb down 1 Mb up. But in reality, you get 28 Mb down and 1.7 Mb up shared between your TV and internet. No TV, then all of the speed goes towards your internet

With no TVs on, I get 28 Mb download. With one HDTV and one SDTV on, I get ~17 Mb. That sounds great, but it gets better.

The speeds are consistent night or day, never a slow down. Now for the best part. Aliant internet is UNCAPPED and UNTHROTTLED.

If you live a FTTN area, get MAX and enjoy a screaming fast, reliable, uncapped, and unthrottled connection.

PS As good as MAX has been, I'm dropping it. I'm dropping it for FTTH, Aliant FibreOp. I've ordered the 70 Mb down and 30 Mb up. I can't wait!!!!

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