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Six Month Rating

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Review by DataDoc See Profile

  • Location: Greenville,Pitt,NC
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Rare outages over past 7 years, speeds are as advertised."
Bad "Had to bury my own cable from box to house."
Overall "Rough switchover from Cox, settled down and smooth sailing ever since."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well above consensus)

My Other Reviews

Moved out of state, cancelled service.

Other than the occasional 2 am outage for maintenance, I've had solid, reliable, performance since my last review.

Switched to Suddenlink Business account due to business requirements. Works fine, once fixed IP was assigned.

Speed as advertised, rare outages for a few minutes/hours. Happy with service.

Speeds are as advertised, no outages in 2 years. Very satisfied.

Rebooted modem last night, now have 10/1MB speeds. Only one outage, for about 3 hours, since July.

Only about a half dozen outages, indicated by my DSLR Monitor showing gaps. Most of these were caused by turning off my PC during thunderstorms.

Overall, good service.

Speed has gone up to 8MB down, still 512 up. Newsserver sometimes has been erratic, but it looks load related.

Only one or two outages, most I didn't notice, except that my DSLR Monitor showed gaps. Even these may have been caused by my turning off my PC during thunderstorms.

Overall, good service.

A few minor outages in the last year, none more than a couple of hours long. Calls to support have been answered courteously and accurate explanations were given.

I have switched to OpenDNS and other mail servers (alternate ports for sending, as regular ones are blocked) to avoid SuddenLink's overloaded ones.

Overall, since I only rely on SuddenLink for the connection, I like the service.

I called support this afternoon and complained about new accounts getting speeds loyal customers had to wait for, and the mumbo-jumbo you did with your account. She explained the policy was given to them, blah-blah-blah. I thanked her and asked to speak to a supervisor to register my complaint. I was on hold for about 3 minutes, and then she returned, she told me the supervisor wasn't available, and that she had turned on the upgrade for me.
And, so she had.
My speed test results: 6619/530kbps
Not exactly maxed out, but I'll test again at a better time. I usually get ~3600/500kbs.

Called about high packet loss and loss of sync about 2 weeks ago. SuddenLink sent 2 techs out over a 3 days period. Both arrived on time and ultimately resolved the problem to be my Surfboard 4200 modem going bad. I bought and installed the new modem and called SuddenLink to register the serial numbers. It only took a few minutes and I was back online, but when I really began to use the net the next morning I saw the speed was very low. DSLR's speed test confirmed I had a 256/128 connection. A call to tech support confirmed that the tech hadn't deleted the old record, and with 2 modems in the system, only the first (old) modem got the correct speed. The tech deleted the old record, speed returned and she said she would talk to the (newbie) tech about the problem.

When you register your modem, before you end your call make sure you have the tech read back the serial numbers to you . There was no problem here with that, but Cox got it wrong and it took much longer to track it down.

I was a Cox customer for the last 2 years and was satisfied overall with the service. This review will cover the switchover and what has happened since then.

I watch my monitors pretty regularly, and the the one from the New Jersey site used to average in the 20ms range, but after the sale to Cebridge, it slowly crept up to around 100ms, with large swings. Two Sundays ago we were switched to SuddenLink's network and the pings are down into the 30ms range, without the large jumps that occurred on a regular basis.

Yesterday I switched my Cox account info to SuddenLink's, using their 4 step procedure at »suddenlink.net During this I used the Trueswitch software.

I only had one account on the old Cox network, so I went ahead and tried out this feature when I was transferring my Cox account to SuddenLink. I have Outlook, and use many non-Cox mail services, so your mileage may vary if your setup is different.

The first thing Trueswitch does is go through your mail and creates a new folder under Inbox, and then moves a copy of every email folder and its contents to that new folder. This took over 20 minutes for me. Once I found the duplicate folders I deleted them. The originals were unchanged.

Next Trueswitch goes through your Contacts List and sends a "change of address" email to every address in it. 99% of the people in my Contacts weren't even aware of that Cox address, and I spent last night getting "Is this from you?" emails, replies from mailing lists that told me how to really change my address and bounces from "announce only" lists.

Trueswitch seemed to imply it would change the Outlook POP and SMTP settings as needed so I could send mail using SuddenLink servers, but that didn't happen. I changed them later. Their instructions are here: »account.suddenlink.net/selfcare/ ··· ngs.html
These assume you only use their servers, so if you don't, do as they say, except change the settings shown on the 3rd graphic from "Use same settings" to "Log on using" and fill in your SuddenLink account info.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend using this if you use other mail services. If you used Cox for your mail, you may still have to change the settings yourself. It might be good for average users, but if you're experienced, do it yourself.

One last thing, my IP seems to change every 2 days. I've had to install a dynamic IP updater to keep my monitors useful. With Cox, it only changed twice in 2 1/2 years.

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Horrible Reliability

I cannot count the amount of problems i've had out of Suddenlink here in Greenville, MS. Pay for 30/5MB speeds and only get 30/1.5MB speeds and reported it but nothing was ever done about it, constant outages and problems or lack of quality signal. Horrible support team with little or no helpfulness.