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Six Month Rating

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Review by CoolMan See Profile

  • Location: Charleston,Kanawha,WV
  • Cost: $116 per month
Good "Great Price, Quite Reliable, Pretty Fast Speeds"
Bad "Outages occasionally"
Overall "The increase in speeds is nice but they are still behind most other cable co."
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My Other Reviews

We had Charter until Suddenlink bought them in 2006, in the beginning the Charter-Suddenlink Transition was not great, reliability issues, Etc. We think the price is great for the Internet we have TV and Internet and the price for the Internet is 34.53. That was a 3Mbps Service but now they boosted the speed to 6Mbps for no extra per mo. Upload is usually always around 270Kbps. We usually get about 6300k down/ 264k up. They now offer a 12Mbps down/ 768Kbps up in our area for 59.99/ mo.

-UPDATE: Aug 12th, 2009

Suddenlink has been pretty reliable since the Charter Transition, we have only had maybe 4 short outages total since 2006. We now have TV, Internet, and Phone service all with Suddenlink. The phone service is very clear and for the most part has been very reliable. There TV Service has not changed really at all I think since 2006 they added maybe a total of 5 new HD Channels, picture quality is fine on digital & HD channels, the analog channels however are pretty bad quality.

Today our speed tier was increased from 6Mbps down/ 256Kbps upload to 8Mbps down/ 768Kbps upload , which the increase is nice but its still well behind the other cable companies. Other companies have deployed DOCSIS 3 and increased speeds a lot more, while Suddenlink is still DOCSIS 1.1 in my area... Regardless the increase in speeds are nice and I'm sure Suddenlink will eventually upgrade to DOCSIS 3 in my area, but for now I am definitely happy for the speed increase!!! Also the price of the internet as of YET has not increased since the speed upgrade

-UPDATE: September 20th, 2010

We still have Suddenlink TV and High Speed Internet, we have had probably 3 outages that were several hours long since my last review. We canceled there phone service in May 2010 in favor of a land line from Verizon due to a few more outages then our liking. We then switched to Fibernet once Frontier acquired the landlines due to some billing practices we didn't like. Anyway Suddenlink has increased the internet speeds for no extra charge from 8Mbps download/768Kbps upload to 10Mbps download/1Mbps upload. They have added about 5 HD Channels since my last review although they should be adding 20-30 more once the "Project Imagine" upgrade is complete in my area which will probably be late December 2010 or early January 2011.

-UPDATE: December 15th, 2010

As of today I still do not have any new HD Channels, all the 2-99 analog channels are still live, I have been told now that my area's "Project Imagine" upgrade is now NOT until January 25th, 2011, Who knows really it may end up changing again.

This past Monday, Suddenlink announced they were raising pricing on Double/Triple Play Bundles, equipment, and a few other misc. charges. I of course am not very happy about this so because of this my RATINGS for Suddenlink will be lowered to compensate for this increase.

-UPDATE: January 5th, 2011

I have canceled Suddenlink service due to moving out of the serviced area.

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continuos internet/digital phone interruption of service

:since suddenlink bought out NPG Cable I have had nothing but trouble. Service guys come out on time but still have not fixed the promblem. Am paying a hefty price for the bundle but can not rely on the service. Some days have to reset the modem in excess of 6 times. Of course service goes out at the worst times. But I still have to pay and receive no compensation for my frustration or lost jobs because my service dropped in the midst of a call,IM,etc. this has been going on for over a year.