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Review by jdmm72 See Profile

  • Location: Nitro,Kanawha,WV
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Bill comes regularly. Speed is good right now"
Bad "Bad techinical support. Improper disconnect orders, ongoing speed issues, MASSIVE PACKET LOSS"
Overall "When it works correctly, it is good, WHICH IS SELDOM."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE: 1/1/2015 Major packet loss during peak hours and now modem going offline daily and stays that way. I have had two "line-techs" to my house last week, after the second tech, my modem started going off line daily and remaining offline until powered cycled. Problem is, I work 150 miles away, so by the time I notice it, I'm 2+ hours away. I first started noticing stuttering on my Android tablet (Nexus 9) and then started to notice games and Netflix stuttering. After investigating, I found via PingPlotter that I am losing 10ish percent of packets during peak hours, which talks to the error correction of new games and Netflix, 10 percent should bring them to their knees, but it does not.


If you want reliable speeds, go with DSL. The variation in the connection speed is not present, but neither is the higher speeds of cable.

If you want speed/performance, then SL cable is the choice. The speed does vary, but it still is much faster than DSL on average.

First try 2005: I had Verizon for telephone, Dish Network for TV, and SL for internet (1.5Mbps). Pretty happy with internet service.

When SL offered telephone service, reduced my telephone bill substantially, so I subscribed. A few good months, then....

Frequent phone issues, no dial tone, but still had internet, many customers effected, but stated resolution times of 2 hours often stretched to 12-24+ hours. My wife decided that we would switch to a traditional telco because house alarm didn't work when phone was out. Switched to Verizon ADSL and telephone service. Expensive, but it always worked. After 2 years with Verizon, switched to Fibernet (who was bought by nTelos wireline, and became Lumos) an ILEC, for same service but cheaper (and a static IP address.) Had billing issues with Fibernet (stopped recieving bills, but not late fees.)

Second Chance: June 2011: Switched back to SL for faster internet, and phone. Fibernet ADSL was rated at 3Mbps (honestly got 3.5Mbps), and SL offered 10Mbps. Fibernet ADSL/telephone bundling was $50/mo ($60 after tax and fees), SL was $55/mo ($67 after tax and fees.) All good until...

February 2012, slow speeds, frequent internet and telephone disconnects, and no resolution to problems.

Now it is June 2012, still slow speeds, telephone service is finally stable, but internet is averaging about 3.5Mbps, and goes down to 1Mbps during peak internet hours. Not acceptable.

Had truck rolls in February, 2 in March, and one in April 2012. Cabling has been replaced, outside interface box has been replaced. Cable terminations have been replaced, coupler in attic has been replaced. Was supposed to have one in May, but college finals and graduation were more important. Had appointment set up on June 5, for June 15 that I couldn't make. Technicians have always said the signal to my house is good.

Called yesterday (6/21/2012) and the support agent actually said, "we haven't had a technician to your house in over a month," when arguing that they can't assume a infrastructure issue. So, I'm supposed to have a Suddenlink technician invade the privacy of my house once a month, waste time on the appointment window, and be happy with that.

So, what has been the subject of the blame game? House wiring (techs say my signal is good, and only thing hooked to SL cable is the SL modem, as TV is Dish Network, and SL ran the cable to the attic themselves, then did reuse a cable that goes to a wall plate that originates in the attic), Cisco 851 Router (SLs first troubleshooting step is to remove router, which DOESN'T fix ANY issue, and causes line monitoring to stop), Computer (speed is also slow on our Sony Blu-Ray player, even with computers off), but I've been assured it's not infrastructure on multiple occassions.

My personal assessment is that the infrastructure and equipment is saturated. SL only offers DOCSIS 2.0 telephony modems, which only bind on one channel, whereas DOCSIS 3.0 can bind multiple channels. That is only my assessment though, and I'm a Telco tech, not a cable tech, so take it with a grain of salt.

Evidence to back up my assessment...

From modem event log, 2 recurring messages (These messages make up the majority of the events)
1. No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out
2. Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, but no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 timeout

The common factor between these 2 messages. High CMTS utilization. T4 indicates possibly >95% CMTS utilization. Recommended range is 80%

According to »volpefirm.com/docsis-101/docsis1 ··· tenance/,
"A final note, T3 and T4 impairments are always within the DOCSIS network inclusive of the CMTS and cable modems. In fact it is the cable modems themselves that are doing the counting and alerting of T3 and T4 timeouts. This is one time that the IP network behind the CMTS is not to blame for any of these errors. No finger pointing on this one!"

What this says, it's Suddenlink's own DOCSIS network itself, not my network, not the Internet itself. So, it is in Suddenlink's network between their customer premise Cable modem and their CMTS inclusive, nothing on my side.

In a nutshell, they OVERSOLD their network.

6-22-12: Had a tech come out today, replaced the modem, all good for a few hours, now back 1-2Mbps.

7-2-12: Had a "Supervisor" tech come out, and ask about speeds right now at 6:00PM, and when they were alright, he left, telling me to call back when I had a problem.

7-5-12: Down to 5-6Mbps again, still no resolution, and SL only offers to send another tech out. IT'S THE OVERUTILIZED NETWORK!!!!

7-6-12: Checked my bill, I was charged $39.68 for a service call to replace SUDDENLINK's modem, which DID NOT fix the issue, also my internet fees were supposed to be refunded, and that didn't happen either.

7-7-12: Still going down to 1Mbps at night. Contacted tech support AGAIN, they just flat out refused to help, stating that I was being affected by an outage. Sent email to Pete Abel asking for assistance. We'll see.

7/12/12 - 7PM, connection running at about 0.4Mbps (4% of my rated speed) for the rated speed of 10Mbps. WOW!!! Suddenlink supposedly is going to split the node, but was told that it could take months. Serious considering move back to "slower" 3.5Mbps DSL, as 3.5Mbps is still faster than 0.4Mbps on 10Mbps rated cable.

7/13/12 - Back to 1.4Mbps, awesome, so glad I subscribed to 10Mbps.

7/18/12 - WOW Seldomlink upgraded my service to 15Mbps, what is my throughput at 10:00 PM? Oh, between 3-5Mbps. SeldomLink, You rock!!!! Uploaded 2 speedtest imaged (From SeldomLink's own servers).

7/19/12 - So, my speeds have been pretty stable since 6:00PM at 250Kbps. I cannot use my phone and internet at the same time. I either have phone service or internet service, like back in the Dial-up days. Currently I chose to have phone service, because I can tether 3 times faster through my nTelos cell phone than with my cable modem.

7/26/12 - Local tech supervisor came out, installed a DOCSIS 3.0 modem in addition to telephone MTA. Now I am getting rated speeds consistantly. Things are looking much better, hope it keeps up.

8/13/12 - Things still looking good, updating review to reflect that fact. Had some billing issues, but all worked out, but spent another hour on the phone to fix it.

11/30/12 - Screwed up billing again for October and November, overcharged by $20 per month. Spent 20 minutes on hold, 30 minutes total.

Check my connection in the monitor group for Suddenlink at »/testhistory?v ··· ?view=83 with the DSLreports speedtests shown. Here is a link to the Speedtest.net page showing the recent results »www.speedtest.net/results.php?sh ··· db&ria=0

12/24/2012 - No internet service, no phone service, no ETA at call center (thank God for Cellular and Mifi's). Came back that evening.

12/27/2012 - Internet speeds at .3Mbps on 25Mbps connection. Not happy. Called SL, may have been a fire for some building of some company that may have burnt a cable or fiber somewhere, that may be affecting you. Yep, pretty much that vague.

1/3/2013 - Internet and phone out, no estimated time for fix.

3/21/2013 - Been a fairly uneventful time. The service is currently working pretty good for the last couple of months. Some ratings were raised to reflect.

4/1/2013 - Got a bill stating that my bill was past due and threatening termination. What is the past due balance, you may ask? $18.73. Suddenlink once again FAILED to apply the $20 monthly credit. I can't dock tech support/customer service anymore points, it's already at the bottom. Already on a phone hold for 12 minutes (without having spoken to a live person), to inquire about my bill at 12:34 PM on MONDAY April 1, 2013, a non-peak time.

2/28/2014 - Again internet speeds are drawing down to 200-400 Kbps with loss of telephone service. I DO NOT RECOMMEND SUDDENLINK, but very few alternatives available. I have called and we are now treating this as a new problem, EVEN THOUGH the ORDERED node split NEVER occurred.

3/5/2014 - Connection back to expected shape after local management called. Some work at the CMTS was done and the connection has been stable all day, even during peak hours. Thanks to Pete Abel for making this happen.

7/3/2014 - Internet and Phone were disconnected at 9:33:59 am 7/1/2014. Why? Apparently non-payment. Balance due? $00.00. Restored service at 12:24 PM on 7/2/2014 and then went down again for 3.5 hours.

8/21/2014 - Found out about previous disconnect order. It was for a DIFFERENT CUSTOMER, OPPS, not even as much as a apology. Phone and internet are now dropping out daily, BOTH modems go completely out of sync. Suddenlink dispatched tech on SUNDAY (8/17/2014) and failed to inform me, just get a knock on the door. Tech also apparently decided not to submit any notes of work done. Connection was stable on Monday (8/18/2014), but dropped on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday and stayed off until Thursday evening. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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Nitro, WV

Speed test results from 7/12/12

7/12/2012 20:10 EDT 7.19 1.04 79 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:20 EDT 1.62 1.02 68 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:21 EDT 2.86 1.03 79 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:39 EDT 7.11 1.04 77 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:40 EDT 2.73 1.03 75 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:44 EDT 1.35 1.05 73 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:49 EDT 1.57 1.02 82 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 20:55 EDT 1.91 1.01 75 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 21:02 EDT 1.38 1.04 75 Harold, KY 50
7/12/2012 22:36 EDT 4.04 0.67 439 Harold, KY 50

Date Direction Speed in Mbps
7/13/2012 00:00 DN 10.05
7/12/2012 23:30 DN 7.42
7/12/2012 23:00 DN 2.02
7/12/2012 22:30 DN 0.77
7/12/2012 22:27 DN 1.03
7/12/2012 22:21 DN 0.81
7/12/2012 22:16 DN 0.74
7/12/2012 22:10 DN 0.75
7/12/2012 22:05 DN 4.04
7/12/2012 22:00 DN 1.7
7/12/2012 21:54 DN 0.75
7/12/2012 21:49 DN 0.94
7/12/2012 21:43 DN 0.72
7/12/2012 21:38 DN 2.72
7/12/2012 21:33 DN 0.94
7/12/2012 21:29 DN 0.77
7/12/2012 21:27 DN 0.34
7/12/2012 21:21 DN 2.89
7/12/2012 21:16 DN 0.5
7/12/2012 21:10 DN 0.66
7/12/2012 21:05 DN 4.14
7/12/2012 21:00 DN 0.76
7/12/2012 20:55 DN 0.92
7/12/2012 20:49 DN 0.9
7/12/2012 20:44 DN 0.96
7/12/2012 20:38 DN 3.08
7/12/2012 20:33 DN 0.75
7/12/2012 20:27 DN 0.81
7/12/2012 20:22 DN 3.9



not a tech in your area but would like to help

I noticed your post and just wanted to ask a few quick questions
first is the hardline outside your home aerial or underground? did the techs go back through the hardline if so how far have you spoke to any of your neighbors and are they having the same issues you are the times I have ran into this and it not having been a house issue comes down to just a couple things one there's either an area in your main line feeder/trunk with water damage or heavy squirrel chews on it don't know if this helps but it may be a good idea to bring it up to the next tech out

Nitro, WV

Re: not a tech in your area but would like to help

The node was overloaded, and I was forced to use a DOCSIS 2.0 modem because of telephony. They installed a separate DOCSIS 3.0 modem, in addition to the telephony modem, and speed issues are fixed, as I can bond to multiple unused channels.

Nitro, WV

Flaky service.

Speeds today as of 12/27/2012 are averaging about .30Mbps. Yee Haw, glad I'm paying for 15Mbps internet service and am set up for 25Mbps service.

On 12/24/2012, had a day long outage with no explanation from SL, other than there is an outage.



Switch to frontier Vdsl or bonded HSI

Switched to Fronter Communcations Bonded 24meg service from seldomlink and my connection has never been better