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Review by Gaff See Profile

  • Location: Mineral Wells,Palo Pinto,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "DOCSIS 3 is the future"
Bad "A little on the pricey side"
Overall "Buy your own modem to get the best value"
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Suddenlink acquired my Cox area about 2 years ago and it has been an interesting change in this time.

I had few issues under Cox and almost all were dealt with swiftly. With Suddenlink the service has been a little more sporadic.

We were moving house and arranged to have Suddenlink activate all services on the Thursday as we were moving in on the Friday. Well we arrived on the Friday to find nothing worked. We had no cable TV, the modem would not sync, etc.

After a couple of late-night calls to Tech Support they arranged to send someone out the following Monday, and indeed they did get things sorted out (eventually). Since then, when the service works it is very good most of the time. The issue is whether it will be usable from one day to the next. I frequently experience extremely high pings at peak times, and had to call off doing some online gaming with some friends for the past two days due to my ping being almost 1,000 to our chosen gaming server. Fortunately today the Suddenlink gods smiled on me and my ping was restored to a more normal 150. Tomorrow...who knows?

Other issues we have had include:

- when our cable telephone service was installed our Internet was disabled the day before the install with no notice. We called Tech Support to find out that this was intentional and part of the transition process. It would have been nice to have been told this in advance.

- we specifically requested an advertised "bundle" when we first moved in here, only to find out that Suddenlink had just charged us for everything separately on one bill for the first three months or so, meaning we were overpaying by about $30/month. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of wrangling with Customer Support they eventually nailed down the issue and gave us a $200 service credit.

- after the new cable modem was installed to provide cable telephone (in addition to cable Internet) we still had no Internet access, and the installer had high-tailed it out of here the second he got the phone working. About 12 hours and 8 calls to Tech Support later it was figured out that the modem was only operating on the telephony side and not the Internet side. I had to call the Network Operations Centre and find someone who was extremely knowledgeable to help me fix the issue as normal Tech Support could not.

We pay Suddenlink $160 a month for cable TV, telephone (unlisted), 8MB cable and a DVR which I feel is good value for money. The only issue is that which I alluded to above, my ping will just skyrocket on occasion for seemingly no reason at all.

If Suddenlink could fix this glitch then I would certainly rate them higher. As it is all I can say is that they are merely ok and that if you have other choices then you should probably consider them before looking at Suddenlink.


Pete Abel and Johnna Turner at the Suddenlink Head Office arranged for my house to be re-wired from the pole down, and after this was done I no longer have any excessive packet loss or ping issues.



You can see my final thoughts on Suddenlink here: »The End


I have returned to Suddenlink after they increased speeds in our local area and now offer 20Mbit speeds using DOCSIS 3 technology.

I was getting frustrated with the sluggish DSL connection that, while reliable, was nothing to write home about speed-wise.

I went to my local Suddenlink office and added 20Mbit service for $60 a month. I was given an Arris DOCSIS 3 modem for which I was going to be charged $10 a month.

At home I installed the modem without issue and it synced up immediately, with speed tests showing ~22Mbit down and ~2Mbit up, so slightly above the rated speed that I was paying for.

Unlikely my previous Suddenlink experiences, latency is excellent this time around. Tests on »www.pingtest.net always give an "A" rating, with 0% packet loss and under 5ms jitter.

After a couple of weeks without issue I went ahead and bought a DOCSIS 3 modem of my own so that I could save paying $10 a month to Suddenlink for their all-in-one router / modem which was causing issues when forwarding ports (a double-NAT issue, see more here: »Suddenlink 20Mbit - Double NAT).

I picked up a Zoom 5341J on eBay for $75 and as soon as I had called Suddenlink to give them the serial number and MAC address it was up and running at the same speeds as the Arris with no problems anymore.

So, while it was a long time coming, it seems Suddenlink have finally got their act together, at least in my area. I can only hope it remains this way.


Suddenlink bumped our speeds up to 30Mbit (which tests to 32) with no increase in charge, which is nice. The 250GB / month cap sucks, though.

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