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Review by buschman See Profile

  • Location: Oak Hill,Fayette,WV
  • Cost: $140 per month
Good "30/2 MB"
Bad "recently pings have doubled and downloads are about half of the 30MB I pay for"
Overall "Line quality tests suggest problem is equinix-dal.suddenlink.net hop"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Upate 02/03/2014

Have been pretty happy since last update, however, for the past couple of weeks, my pings have doubled and download speeds are about half of what I pay for. Started checking to see if problems was on my side of the modem. Ran line quality test and failed 3 of the 5 tests performed. Ran test three days in a row and same results. Low bandwidth 69% loss, medium bandwidth 100% loss, and high bandwidth 100% loss. Further investigation points to equinix-dal.suddenlink.net hop, this hop has shown 17 icmp loss over the last 14 days. Ok suddenlink lets jump in there and solve this problem. I will wait for a fix, if none occurs, I will again revisit and change my review of Suddenlink.

Couple traceroutes from 02/04/20 see at the bottom

Update 09/11/2013
Pretty stable for the last several months, once in a while pings are high and downloads are slow. Received a letter from Suddenlink stating I could upgrade to 50MB/3MB and save money, basically $95.00 per month. I called spent almost an hour on hold. Finally got to speak to a rep. was informed that in my area the highest speed was 30MB/2MB, which I already had. I asked why I was paying over $130.00 a month for less than what the letter stated I could get for $95.00 per month. Rep could not answer that question, however, stated she could give me a discount for the service I was receiving.............. hahahaha discount amounted to less than $2.00 per month. I would likje to see some other service provider come into our area so Suddenlink would have to adjust their over priced service to a more reasonable price.

Update 10/26/2012
Last night during the world series game 2 top of the 2nd inning, cable went out and the internet too. I called and was told that there was an outage and the techs were working to restore service as soon as possible. At 12am still no internet or cable. I got up this morning at 6am and still no internet or cable, so I called again. This time I was told that the techs were performing scheduled maintenance. At 2pm, still no service, I called again and was told this time that there was an outage and techs were working to restore service. About an hour later, I noticed a Suddenlink truck at the house next to mine. I went out and asked the tech if he knew what was going on and explained what happened last night, and today. He smiled and said the phone people should have noticed that this was an isolated outage, about half the people on my street, and the problem was a blown fuse in the amplifier on the street I live on. To say the least I am one pissed of individual, the issue could have been solved last night if the phone people would have done their job instead of saying it was an outage effecting several areas in WV. I have therefore decided to give Suddenlink new rating across the board WORST in all fields! Thank you Suddenlink for causing me to miss the 2nd game of the world series!
Update 7/21/12
Received upgrade from 10/1 to 15/1 no additional cost and for the time being the pings are back to normal, how long it will last is the only question........
Update 07/11/2012
Now, since last night about 8pm I have major packet loss! Downloads of 72 and 60 up! amazing. See attachments below. Packet loss from 60% to 80%

Update 07/09/2012
Had a few months with the pings back to normal, one morning I got on the pc and pings were 20's to 30's, back from 100 to 200, a couple of days ago I noticed the pings were up to 80 to 100, not to bad, but the packet loss of 60 to 80 percent is not acceptable!!

Update 02/13/2012
Well amazingly enough the problems continues..... was told by Suddenlink Tech that I was using all of my bandwidth, so I upgraded to the 20Mb/2Mb package. The only positive about the upgrade is the speeds are great, however, ping and freezing continue to be a major problem. Unable to play online games. I have tried at all hours of the day and night with no changes. I have power cycled both my modem and my router. I have changed all cables from modem to router and pc's, no changes.Ran speed test using the one recommended by Suddenlink techs received the following:
see attachments below

Update 10/25/2011
Well almost two weeks and still the same crap! Suddenlink hops as high as 1200ms, averaging over 70ms!!!!!!!!!!! I was on a server that I usually ping in the low 30's could not move pinging well over 200ms................... really crap! Dial up days are here again!

Update 10/13/2011
Here we go again! For the past week to 10 days, pings are up in the 60's to 70's basically double what they normally are. I have done trace routes, several of them over several days..... the problem seems to be all Suddenlink hops. Hop 7,8,9 ( ,, pings are averaging well over 60's with spikes as high as 1043ms. This is constant, for as long as I run trace route. SIGH........... SIGH.............. ...........
Update 12/18/2010
The pings have doubled over the past month or so and as far as tech support is concerned, 1. There is no problem with the signal
2. Everything looks good on our end
3.Must be a problem with your pc
I have no options for a different ISP........ stuck with the "NOLINK"

Update 2/19/2011
Pings for the time being are back into the 30's and 40's. The QOS is good.

I have had an on going problem. Tech support has been to my home several times this month. Each and every time they show up, it is the same old story.... everything looks fine. All of my equipment, cable, modem, etc is well within specs, however the problem is at the node you are connected to. It is overloaded! Suddenlink is aware of the problem and they are going to correct the problem around the first of Dec. 2008. I pay for 6MB down, 256MB up. Most of the time I am lucky to get 3MB down..... using Suddenlinks speed/line quality test, the speeds are OK, but the Quality of Service is and I quote, "measured at 42%, which shows that your connection is unable to produce a constant stream of data. This is key to providing a high quality voice-over-ip connection, so sound is likely to be broken."
I have asked that my bill be adjusted accordingly, they, SUDDENLINK took approximately $8.00 off of my bill. Gee $32.00 for a connection that is UNABLE TO PRODUCE A CONSTANT STREAM OF DATA! I guess when you live in an area that only has one cable broadband provider you play by their rules, and pay for what you are not getting! Bottomline Suddenlink is all about the DOLLAR no matter how bad their service SUCKS!
Oh and by the way, the techs that have been to my home all have stated that the problem is not in my home, it is in the mainline/node.One of them also stated that and again I will quote, "Suddenlink will probably send someone out with a laptop to test your connection. They always assume that it is the customers PC!" No one has showed up, nor have I been contacted by anyone from Suddenlink, even though, I have asked for further assistance.

Update 12/15/08 I received an email from Pete Abel concerning my problem. I replied to his email and the next day I received a call from the local Head Tech. He assured me that they were aware of the problem and its cause. OK so I am thinking this will be an ongoing issue...... I was shocked OMG within a week, I noticed that my pings were down to near what they were a few months ago. After about a week of new improved pings/download speeds, the only issue that I can see is, QUALITY of Service. I only average about 60 to 65%, does not matter what time of day I test either. I am hoping that whatever the issue causing this low QoS will be fixed soon. I have renewed hope in Suddenlink....... not counting the chickens yet but I am again able to play online with a respectable ping! For the moment!

The free upgrade in speed is nice. The latency seems to be improving, or I am getting used to it. I purchased another router, installed it today. I did not expect big changes, however, I have seen a slight improvement...... hopefully things will continue to improve, or at least remain stable!

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Leander, TX

Leander TX-SuddenLink Lower the speed on customer.

Hi all..
I have suddenlink, 20Mb. down paid $74.00 / month.. which for the last two years I was getting 50Mbs average out to 5MB to 6MB downloads.

Two days ago , Suddenlink provision their hardware. I called in they claims that I'm getting 30Mb upgrades from my current 20Mb service I paid..

Why Suddenlnk would want to LIE to their customers and claim they giving you the 10Mb free?? which is not true.

The last two years. in Leander, TX 78641.. they offers 107Mb and 20 Mbs. No 50Mb.

I had a tech came out today. which said that they will offers the 50Mb.. which is BS for suddenlink to LIE to their
customer and lower speed..

It's not right.. to lower the current customer speeds.. since they wants more money.. and LIE to customer claims that
I"m getting 10Mb.. for FREE???.. which IM NOT.

Tech support on line some of them.. dont know jack..
1 guy say . .that my motorola sb 6120.. was bad.. need replaced.. when I know it the provision they did.. on the account..

The ping was 288, 300, 400.. millisecond..
Today it is stable now.. at 30Mb down. .but the upload is screw up at less than a MB..

Very disappointed. customer..
from a loyal customer.. that switch from ATT Uverse.

Vu Phan


Hollister, MO

Re: Leander TX-SuddenLink Lower the speed on customer.



Haughton, LA


actually love it man! miss a baseball game on tv, world ends!!!!!! LMAO