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Review by WVUFloydFan See Profile

  • Location: Charleston,Kanawha,WV
  • Cost: $30 per month
Good "Several speed tiers to choose from."
Bad "Horrible tech support"
Overall "Happy with internet, TV & support can be dissapointing"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 7/5 - After my previous rant, felt the need to provide another update. I would like to say that I am pleased with my internet service. I do seem to consistently get the 10M I subscribe to, and feel like I'm getting a good value for the money I spend. I sometimes tend to let my bad support/customer service issues, and TV related issues cloud my overall judgement. I really have no internet service complaints and just thought that should be acknowledged. Also, very happy with support I've received via Pete and the other SL reps on the board. Just wish that was more common with our local reps.

Update 7/2 - I was super excited when I heard SuddenLink would be offering TiVO DVRs. Never liked the Scientific Atlanta boxes (been through several and they are all horribly slow and generally unresponsive, plus lack any real useful features), but didn't want to give up VOD to get my own TiVO. I knew it would be awhile before we got them in Charleston, but they announced the deal almost a year ago and started rolling out in Texas in December. I noticed the SuddenLink TiVO website no longer said only available in Texas markets, so I decided to contact customer service and see if there was any update as to when they would be available here. To my surprise, I was told I could have one now, quoted the exacted cost ($18/month, which is what I've heard they charge in the areas that have it), and told a tech would be here today to install.

I re-arrange some things in my entertainment center, even unhook my existing DVR, all in preparation for my new TiVO box. The tech shows up with two cable cards, and asks me where my TiVO is. Tries to tell me I need to go buy one, that the box I just unhooked was "SuddenLink's TiVO". I actually had to pull up the website and show him the SuddenLink TiVO box. He calls someone, then tells me I should call customer service. I call, and after much discussion on their end to figure out what I'm even talking about, am of course told they aren't available yet to the " general public" here (turns out the CSR I originally chatted with was in Texas and didn't bother to actually check availability). Not sure if that means they can get them for certain people or what (I've heard supervisors in rollout areas get early access and figure one could probably be obtained for the right person), but was told they would be THINKING about getting them here EVENTUALLY. Went from thinking my TiVO was on the way, to being told they MAY get them here eventually.

Just another disappointment from SuddenLink. It sucks I couldn't get one, but wouldn't have been so bad if I was simply told that when I asked when/if they would be available the first time, or if I had not made arrangements to be here for the installation, or if there was even any hope of them being here soon. Just can't see any reason the box can work somewhere else, but can't work here. It's also pretty sad when just about everyone I spoke to in my area didn't even know they existed. Not much hope we'll be getting them soon, when no one appears to know they even exist. I've seen many articles and blogs touting the TiVO partnership, but somehow their own employees don't know they exist.

The icing on the cake, is after being informed the boxes were truly not available, I then get the sales pitch for adding SuddenLink phone service. Not an offer to discount my bill or do something to make up for the mix up, but an attempt to get more money out of me. The associate I spoke to on the phone was nice about the situation and I'm sure was just following protocol, but it just annoys me to no end that I've just been run around by SuddenLink, and they're trying to upsell me after being told countless times I only have a cell phone and don't want/need home phone.

Original Post- Had the service for 3+ years. Started with I believe 6M, that was bumped to 8 and now 10. Seemed to remember the initial install being pretty smooth, but have never really been happy with support. The call centers seem to tell you anything they can to get you off the phone, and the techs that are sent out don't usually do much more than say "Yep, you seem to be having the problem you said you were having. We'll have to send somebody else later to actually try to fix the issue."

Probably the best value for the money in the area, and is usually pretty reliable. Just generally not a fan of SuddenLink service in general, but that is pretty heavily influenced by my cable tv experience with them being pretty bad.

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