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Review by moldypickle See Profile

  • Location: Haughton,Bossier,LA
  • Cost: $124 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Decent Service"
Bad "tv portion seems high priced"
Overall "ok so far"
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updated January 2015
8 channel x 2 channel bonding active in my area, ready for the upgrade wave to role through. Pete has helped yet again. Had a firmware bug in a modem on the approved list that he got me in touch with the right people to report this. Replaced modem and going smooth again. Connection has been stable except for a couple nights of maintenance between midnight and 2, give or take.

updated June 2013
Asking a phone rep about better pricing resulted in a lower bill and faster service. Pretty stable 50/3 with little to no slow downs and basic cable with the HD box. I still feel that requiring a $6/month cable box to be able to watch "free HD" is a bit of a racket.

updated march 2011
Some connection issues had come up but Pete was able to get me in contact with senior management locally. the problem had already been rectified by the time i was conference called with the manager and lead engineer. dealing with people beyond grunt level is very pleasant and productive. internet is now stable and tv works good. beyond the price, i'm content paying for this service.

Well, I ordered my cable on the first of July and the hookup date was all the way out to the 9th. Friday rolled around and no cable man. Turns out he came three hours before the time slot and never called, then went home and started his vacation. The first two times i called in they tried to tell me that they didn't do instalations in the afternoon, then they were telling me that they couldn't install because i needed cable installed in the attic (of my trailer..... ya. that's something the sales lady had asked when i ordered).

so monday came and i finally got hooked up. the service technician, an outside contractor, gave me a hard time because the work order wasn't for a new install but finally ran the lines since i had already paid the extra install fee way back on the first of the month.

since then i've had pixelized tv service frequently and my cable modem drops during the day as i'm experiencing up to a 14db power swing on the upstream side. Currently awaiting another service tech to come out as Motorla advised that the issue i'm having is the modem is turning off and back on due to a power need above 58db up. and this is all on brand new wiring not even a week old.

at this time i'm not impressed what so ever with service OR customer support.

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updated 68 days ago