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Review by Heego See Profile

  • Location: Arcata,Humboldt,CA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 180 days
Good "The service works great when there is enough bandwidth"
Bad "250gb bandwidth\month cap for all users! Only 100 kb/s download during evening hours!"
Overall "WATCH OUT. Instead of adding more bandwidth Suddenlink puts a bandwidth cap on everyone!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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We got Suddenlink after I moved to Northern California last August.
This is coming from the Detroit area and having AT&T Uverse.
If you can get Uverse do everything to get it!

Everything seemed fine with Suddenlink until about a few months ago.
During evening hours, lets say 6pm-12am the max download speed would be about 100 kb/s!

So my Fiancee and I have been calling and we get to speak to the head honcho Suddenlink Manager up here and all he can say is "Wow you guys download a lot". We use netflix for HD streaming of movies when we can even get enough bandwidth. Lately at night we are lucky to stream even SD movies.

So instead of buying more internet pipe or upgrading systems they think the 250gb cap will work??? The ironic thing is how can anyone get to that monthly cap when we can only download at 100 kb/s!

From what we heard from SuddenLink there needs to be a new node crated for the Arcata area
I cant even game with my friends from Michigan and they just laugh at Suddenlink.
Its just too slow!
To be fair we get about 10mbps download during the day but having full time jobs, that does not help us.

Disgusted at Suddenlink and the Management there....looking for another cable company ASAP!

With everything going more and more digital and devices like smart phones and ipads swamping the market place that all connect to the internet, what the heck did Sudden Link think would happpen?


EDIT: Since yesterday April 13th we have been unable to get to the majority of websites on the internet.
NO Google, eBay. MSN, Yahoo, Youtube, Paypal etc etc
It comes up saying the certificate is invalid and when we try and continue we get this page that comes up:

"We're sorry, our records indicate that you must call customer service to complete your activation. Please refer to Code 5 when speaking with Customer Service.
To speak with a customer service representative, please call the appropriate number below."

We called and they said they are aware of the problem but have no ETA.
For some reason I am able to get to dslreports to post this.
Its one thing after the other with Suddenlink!

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Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

With Suddenlink

I'm at Suddenlink HQ and have been vetted to help customers in this forum (»Approved Suddenlink Tech Support Agents). If you'll email me the name on the account, I'll ask a trusted local colleague to follow up. My email is: pete.abel@suddenlink.com.



Thanks for responding but after reading the other posts here and what I gathered from speaking with Sudden Link its a bandwidth issue and Sudden Link needs to add another node to their network in Arcata, CA.
We are switching to AT&T DSL anyways.

Funny how the network speeds dropped around September. The same time kids go back to school at HSU. I mean to not even be able to stream a video via Netflix is just plain inexcusable.
Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

With Suddenlink

I'm with Suddenlink at headquarters. If you're willing to share the name on the account and confirm the city and state, I'd be happy to work with the senior manager in your area to look into these issues. I can be reached by email at pete.abel@suddenlink.com.