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Six Month Rating

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Review by annetteginn

  • Location: Lexa,Phillips,AR
  • Cost: $139 per month (12 month contract)
Bad "Poor reception and cost to much will not fix problems"
Overall "Many of my friends r having same problem and they r going switch cable providers"
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Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I have called and complain about the reception of servals channels in this area Suddenlink told me that several people would have to complain before they would correct the problem I'm paying 138.00 a month to this company and they don't do anything to make the channel clear! I have talk to my friends and the same channels are doing the same blacking out no voice making small square unable to see the picture.We are going to change company if this problem is not fixed. I have change this box twice an cable man came to my home to check the cable that is not the problem You need to check the receiver that get these channels Someone is not doing their job... And if your company losses AMC I going to change company I sick of your company putting me off and saying thing that doesnt fix the problem. If I didn't send that check every month on time you would close my account ... I think Suddenlink need to do their part that i pay for each month and fix the problem!!!!

Annette Ginn

(review was emailed from domain suddenlink.net)
lodged 2.7 years ago

Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

with Suddenlink

I'm with Suddenlink at Corp. HQ and am vetted to assist customers in this forum (»Approved Suddenlink Tech Support Agents). If you're willing to share the name on the account, I will escalate the issues you're experiencing to the senior-most managers responsible for your area. Let me know. You can send me a private message through this forum's IM function or directly by email (pete.abel@suddenlink.com).

Also, please note that we reached an agreement with AMC on March 14. More information here: »suddenlinkfyi.com/2012/03/14/sud···etworks/.

Gulliver, MI


Get Directv or Dishnetwork that will take care of your bad picture problem.



Suddenlink / SuddenRipOff

suddenlink has became a Sudden RippOff Smh I live in saint Joseph,mo and ever since they took over the company Cable Vision the price every month has went up bye 5 bucks and now they put a cap on yur home internet saying that if u have 10mps u have a cap of 250gigs a month WTF AND THERE CABLE TV IS ALWAYS CHOPPY this company is Str8
trash .Sudden RipOff

Kingwood, TX

Re: Suddenlink / SuddenRipOff

Agreed with Money... Sudden Ripoff.

I'm cancelling tomorrow, they can kiss my $270 a month goodbye.

Bastrop, LA

RE: Suddenlink

My family & I had to switch to Direct TV. That cleared our tv viewing up. And AT&T cleared our phone problems up. And they also bundled DTV with it. As for internet. If we don't receive some credits DUE us because of our internet speed being between 3-4/75 instead of 10/77 the past 6 or 7 months & if they can't get the speeds fixed & make them stay that way; we are headed over to AT&T & at least we will be paying & getting 3-4 which is what they offer. We hate it; but Suddenlink has done us VERY wrong. And you have Pete Abel telling people on here that he will help you. That's NOT true. He hasn't helped us in any way. And now they are capping us & talking about the "SPEED ENHANCEMENT" we are supposed to get. I have talked to so many companies & have told them they need to come in & give the people in Bastrop, La. another option for HSI. Because AT&T is the only option for us. At least I have been getting discounts from Direct TV; though. Because I have been telling all my friends that the picture on their HDTV will look so much better with DTV than it does with suddenlink. Why should I help them when they WON'T help us.

Fort Sill, OK

God this is the worst internet ever.

I moved onto the post of fort sill and had to get this crap. The speeds might as well be 56K I tell you. I had Fidelity Communications when I lived off post and the 15/1 service was the best. As soon as I can move back off post I am and I will never recommend this company to anyone else.