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Six Month Rating

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Review by martin482 See Profile

  • Location: Cabot,Lonoke,AR
  • Cost: $179 per month (12 month contract)
Good "haven't found any yet"
Bad "getting lower speed than paid for, limited usage, weekly outtages"
Overall "don't use this company ever"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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This is the worst ISP I've ever used. Connection drops every other day, for hours, I'm paying for 8Mbps and getting about 1/3 of that on average. Now they are limiting my bandwidth to 150G/mo.

Currently looking at options of switching service, at almost $180/mo for bundled service, I might as well ask for fiber from a tier-1 provider.

I think they are oversold, given the number of customers and their abysmal lack of upstream peering networks.

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lodged 2.7 years ago

Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

At Suddenlink

I work for Suddenlink at the headquarters office. If you're willing to share the name on the account and confirm the city and state, I'd be happy to work with the senior manager in your area to look into these issues. You can reach me at pete.abel@suddenlink.com.


Huntington, WV

Waste of Time

I don’t know why you took what little time you did to write a review that did not provide any details. It was a waste of time writing it and a waste of my time reading it. Post details or don’t post; for all we know they just shut you off for not paying your bill and this is your way of sticking it to ‘em.

I've hand bundled service with SuddenLink in the Charleston, WV area for a few years now. I can count with two fingers the number of times my connection has been down. I am satisfied with SuddenLink and am looking forward to the rumored speed upgrades in my area (currently on 20/2).