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Review by XANAVirus See Profile

  • Location: Lavalette,Wayne,WV
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Good reliable speed, low latency (incl. local sites), supports L2TP VPN."
Bad "Some packet loss (affects VoIP), modem with battery backup doesn't work, blocks/filters ports (other than P2P), usage caps."
Overall "Ehh...I might go them for Internet, if I have no other options or if I have checked out all other options first."
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***Please note that this is generally an Internet-connection only review.***

For me, Suddenlink seems to be the only option for high speed (not going with wireless broadband* nor satellite).
I considered DSL, but giving AT&T enough of my money already so that's not much of an option.

*Wireless broadband in this instance means cell-provider broadband, not a wireless ISP which is a different thing. If there was a Wireless ISP in my area, I'd definitely consider them.

I have the 10M/1MB speed package (but am on a triple-play since I'm not the one who ordered and paid for the service at the current time).

I consistently do get 10Mbit speed, but only offering 1Mbit upload?
Certainly you can do better than that, Suddenlink.

I do get my 1Mbit upload speed too, though, but I wish it was more like some ISPs who offer symmetrical connections (i.e. 10Mbit download and upload).

The latency is low to everywhere I've tested, even far off places in the middle east (Speedtest.net testing), generally around 30ms-100ms.
I've never seen it any higher, and is especially low when considering locally-hosted sites (in this case, locally-hosted means a traceroute will not go outside WV at all, at any part of the connection).

They do block/filter some ports, but generally the usual (Bittorrent, P2P, etc.). Since I don't use those services, it's not that much of a problem.
But, what is a problem is that I do suffer some packet loss, especially to Callcentric servers, and I have trouble connecting to standard VoIP port ranges.

I go around this by using VPN when I can, and they do 'support' L2TP (tried PPTP, but I can't maintain a reliable connection in the same way).

Suddenlink's Arris modem does have battery backup, but in my experience when the power goes out at home or around my home the battery backup is useless since it won't have a connection anyway.
Apparently, Suddenlink's services don't have their own battery backups?

Seems odd to me, in that case.

Another thing that's odd is that they now have usage caps.
They didn't before, but now do - when I got the mailing in the PO box saying how this "enhances my experience"; ooh, that's very condescending and I felt insulted.

Usage caps don't enhance experiences, since they're there for you to actually limit your usage. Enhancing experience means higher upload speed.
Usage caps mean you will actually enjoy your service less, since you have to watch how long and how much in order to not go over.

Suddenlink's tech support might be local, but I suppose that's only if you use the 'special' number that gives you priority service, like I have. If you don't have said number, then it's just like any other business where they outsource it.

Tech support seems limited in what they can do, aside from the most basic tests or resetting the power to devices (from either side); if you call with a more complex problem that will never involve your own network they are seemingly unable to help in any way.

In my case, I contacted support about their call routing to Callcentric's service provider (err..whoever that is):

I would call my Callcentric phone number, expecting to hear the message that tells me Anonymous Call Rejection is on (since I have my callerID blocked), but I would not hear anything other than a ringing tone.

If I unblock my callerID I could get through to my Callcentric phone number, but I wanted to see how good Anonymous Call Rejection was.
And, thus, I had uncovered a problem with Suddenlink's phone routing (Callcentric confirmed this).

So, I call support and they have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about at all (even though I was conversing with Suddenlink VoIP support).

Cable service is stable and with no problems and the phone is clear and with no static (though I myself use Callcentric, while Suddenlink's own phone service is for the other people who live with me).

I doubt I'd recommend them to anyone for Internet, unless you have no options or none of the other options were any better.

Cable service, yes, but watch the prices; don't buy what you don't think you're going to watch often.

Phone service, maybe, only if you're not willing to consider providers that are not as 'big'. Skype and Magicjack are big names, like Suddenlink and similar offerings, so 'smaller than that' means BYOD VoIP providers.

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cable service

cables was out most of day yesterday. seems like this happens a little too much. i pay premium price should get premium service.