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Review by crazydog See Profile

  • Location: Flagstaff,Coconino,AZ
  • Cost: $105 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Great field techs, faster speed than advertised"
Bad "Salesperson not knowledgeable, bandwidth cap"
Overall "Reliable speed, great service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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When we moved from our apartment, we were disappointed that we were going to lose our 40/20 FttN DSL connection, because the last time we had cable we could only get 15/1.5.

When I signed up for the cable service, I was told the fastest service is now 20/3, which was a nice surprise. We wanted cable TV too, and I was told it would be cheaper to get their digital TV bundled than just basic - while I believe them, I would have preferred to get basic cable and pay less, but that wasn't possible.

When we first hooked up our cable, we would lose connection every so often. Eventually, we lost it for three or four days straight. We had a technician come out soon thereafter, and he improved our connection substantially. He cut us a new Coax cable so we could run our modem off a better jack, and brought our SnR and power levels to great values. Now our connection never drops out, and are speeds are very consistent - I've actually done some tests reporting a download speed 1-1.5mbps > than our rated speed (20 mbps)

(SnR of 29ish => 40 dB, and power level of 7-9ish => 0-2 dBmV)

The only, and MAJOR downside is the bandwidth cap. For our speed, we are allotted 250GB a month. There are five of us in the house, and we are HEAVY users. We download video games, rather than buy hard copies, which can run into the 20s of gigs for a single game. That's almost 10% of our usage for one game. We use Netflix on 3 or 4 devices simultaneously, and although we turned down our quality to what Netflix says is a max of 0.7 GB/hour, it still hits hard. All those combined with normal internet usage, media streaming, and uploading of data (we use web-based backup services), our first month of service had us hitting the cap a few days before the month was out, and that was with conservative usage, compared to how we would use it with unlimited usage. Suddenlink says the average usage is 22GB, but that's just not believable to me. I would bet that number is weighted by those suckered into buying the fastest internet when all they do is use Facebook, and barely use a few gigs each month.

Suddenlink charges $10 for each 50GB you go over your cap, which *is* reasonable, but the cap itself isn't. If Suddenlink offered a >30 Mbps plan here, our cap would be 350 GB/month, which we could easily manage. However, since that ISN'T available, all we can do is severely limit our internet usage, or pay at least $10 extra/month. I'd much rather pay more per month and get faster speeds, but that isn't possible.

At least with CenturyLink (Our FttN DSL ISP), they understood if you purchased the fastest plan, and hit their soft bandwidth cap, they wouldn't even let you know you hit your limit, since there were no faster plans available. Even if you didn't have the fastest plan, they didn't charge for overages with, only bugged you about faster plans.

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