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Six Month Rating

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Review by Moy2006 See Profile

  • Location: Neosho,Newton,MO
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Last repairs seemed to have helped for a while."
Bad "If i continue holding this service for as long as i had bad service ill finally be satisfied with this service."
Overall "service improved for a couple months."
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Ive given up ever getting promised services from suddenlink. We pay for 15mb and usually get much less. 6 is pretty common today its running around 1-3 mb.
Weve had numerous techs at our house off and on over a year and a half. They always come in spend like an hour saying its in the house when they finish it never is. DUH i have all new equipment computers, modem docsis3, router ect. I even bought new ethernet cat 6 cables. Usually they go out to the box tweak and rebalance the signals 8 of 10 times this helps for a couple hours then it drops off again. 1 tech finally admited after a few times of coming out the network is overworked. He also said with our pings going from 12 -200 sometimes its a software port issue on there end. Ok cool Lee Mott a supervisor said they would get that fixed. Apparently they never have as months later still having the problems and have just given up on calling to get the same crap run around. The service is junk so i just make sure i let everyone know i come across if you have another option go with it. I just came across this site tonight so i emailed the HQ rep thats posting on here i dont expect it will accomplish anything as ive been through the hoops for over a year and still have issues.

Heres another speedtest run at the end of this posting just for the heck of it.


07\03 update i have to eat my words a bit on here now. After posting this and emailing SL's Corp guy i was contacted and my problems are now fixed. Apparently at my wits end when i posted on here they infact had a guy out working on all the hardlines etc this weekend. He was at our house today and i have to say we are now running very well.


I was shocked at such a fast response and from higher up than the local office. Also this Tech Terry isnt the standard level 1 tech that usually comes out hes pretty knowledgeable. If this services holds up i will gladly up my ratings as well.

Update 07/10/13

Whatever The last tech did hes really fixed up the system. We are so far having the best service weve ever had. Still holding good speeds not even waivering a bit.


UPDATE 07/31/2013

Well service is still doing extremely well. I had 1 day with a couple small service outages for a couple hours. Other than that 1 day services have been better than every averaging 15mbp d/l and 1.5mbp u/l. Pretty pleased.

UPDATE 10/26/13

Well service is starting to take a crap again. As i figured it would last few nights knocked off around 7pm or so constantly.


UPDATE 11/29/13

Service is just about as bad as can be again. D/L speed flys and so does U/L speed. The connection keeps dropping constantly nothing the techs did the last few times they have come out has done any good. Tonight the speed for U/L keeps dropping out as low as .03mbs Which is causing the stream to die and be unusable for pretty much anything but email. Essentially the problem is stability not speed. Its fast but just wont hold.

UPDATE 12/15/13

Stability has improved upto about 85% stable now after some hardline repairs were made for holes in the lines and water getting in the lines. So lets see that makes us upto 3 solid months of good performance followed by a month and a half of crap. Still not overly impressed by these figures. I am happy that complaining on here actually seems to gain some help. Calling locally then regionally or whatever they call it is pretty useless. It seems Pete Abel does actually help get results. If the Equipment would just hold up for more than 3 months at a time we could really get somewhere.


Stability issues are still hanging around. Apparently we must still be having hardline break issues. This weekend we experienced about 12-15 disconnects total id guess. Usually the outage lasts about 30 seconds and reboots the modem then works for a couple hours till the next drop out. Things are better but still not what they should be. Local business were effected as well for a while not sure now if they are i havent talked to anyone about it. Overall still disappointed that these issues just keep happening it really boggles my mind.

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United State
·TracFone Wireless

I hate to say this

Suddenlink is the brainchild of a NJ second tier cable company that created a new company. brought it to Missouri and then bought out Cox small and medium markets like Carthage. The last I time was in the office I took a brochure home and read the fine print where it stated their speed s X times faster than dial-up. It also states the defacto dial-up speed is a 28.8 modem. It is something I have not had since the early 1990s. By '99 I was in a 56k pulling 48 or better. A year later i was in Carthage on the local cable Internet which sold to Cox and ruined an exceptionally good service. Cox had its troubles and sold to the newly formed Suddenlink which was a disaster. I took the SL modem back and walked across the street and picked up an AT&T modem and stopped having issues.

These companies do not care about rural America. I have a second tier phone company that is no better than SL - until the state commerce commission stepped in. You should check on your state level and see if you have Commerce Commission or Public Utilities Commission. If you do chat with them. You can use company PR and posturing to your advantage; after all, they are the ones who put in print. Good luck, and by the way the folks across the border in Grove, OK have the same problems as you do. My cousin lives there; she switched to AT&T, too.
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Neosho, MO

Re: I hate to say this

I would love to have ATT for internet however i live in a 10 year old housing tract. Zoning etc and equipment all stop just shy of my street maybe 2 streets over. The last houses built were just barely close enough for the service. They claim (ATT) its not worth the cost investment for a small neighborhood to expand. They probably are correct. However if enough towns people will bug them about it they might expand. Unrealistic at best. So for now its 56k dialup with a company out of grandby which usually only yielded 28.8k believe it or not, or SL.

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

Re: I hate to say this

Moy, I believe you. It was Cox who wrote "28.8 is the defacto standard" in the brochure before SL first used it. Maybe Grandby is not such a bad deal because you still have a POTS line that works when VoIP type phones and cell phones are dead.

AT&T can't expand into your neighborhood. Who serves what in your area is not only defined by physical boundaries, it's complicated by contracts with the State of Missouri and also with contracts with her counties, and her cities. After you've waded through reams of public legal documents you may learn that your rights thereof, as a citizen living at a particular address, in a specific place, in the state of Missouri, is wrapped in a 100 year Agreement with a group or company you never heard of before.

The only solution to your kind of situation is DISH or to move. I've been on Cox, SL, AT&T, Comcast, SWB, CL, WISP, VoIP, Vonage and others. Most are not very good in smaller rural areas like we live in. AT&T seems to work best in the small towns in SW Missouri and NE Oklahoma where there is a local phone office.
Mac: No windows, No Gates, Apple inside

Kathy Bishop


Service Call

The service Fellow, Daniel Rush, was early for the appointment, he was very helpful with information and fixed our problem quickly and efficiently. We couldn't be more pleased. thank you so much!
Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

With Suddenlink

Moy2006 -- by IM or email (pete.abel@suddenlink.com) please remind me of the name and address on the account and I'll follow-up with senior managers for that area. Recall that I'm vetted to help customers in this forum (»Approved Suddenlink Tech Support Agents).