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Six Month Rating

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Review by jordanaustin See Profile

  • Location: Grove,Delaware,OK
  • Cost: $92 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 45 days
Good "Cable, Internet"
Bad "Slow, Channel Lineup, Argue with Support, Support is like an entirely different company altogether, no way to call local office,"
Overall "Take it, not much choice"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Took almost two months to get a cable card working. Once I got ahold of the VP of the company through DSLReports it was fixed in 2 business days. Literally about 15 interactions with company between phone calls, tech visits, local office visits, etc. Was first in town to use a cable card though so should be fixed now.

All installs are contracted that I've seen so far except one (out of 5), so the installer doesn't have the right equipment or know much about after it's installed. Takes a few days from time of order.

Ordered once in Feb, in 30 days cable card still wasn't working, still had bad signal at my house, internet was still performing at 4mb instead of 15. So I cancelled. Took 4 months to get refund and tons of phone calls / visits / etc. Signed back up in July, took two weeks of fighting to get signal fixed, then took over a month more to get cable card working after complaining to the right high up person. Internet is still running at less than half speed, usually 2-4mb from over-taxed node and old outdated equipment (no channel bonding, etc) in the day, but 20mb in the middle of the night. Several "updates" and changes have been made but I'm not getting what I'm paying for yet.

Was told from salesman originally before purchasing how much faster the 15 meg cable was going to be compared to my existing 12 meg DSL. Was told cable would be upgraded and 15 meg is just the start. I'm about ready to switch back, but I don't have options for TV unless I want to spend tons of $ on satellite. Also I know my DSL will never get faster. I was lucky to get DSL at 12 meg, just barely in reach in my town and it's literally the only option and for a small chunk of town. At least when I had DSL for years it was always full speed what I was paying for.

Second round of ordering was told from local office bill would be 70$ a month for the first year. First bill was over one hundred dollars so I went back to original lady I spoke with and was then told it would be 80$ a month because I had to have a receiver I don't want and don't use. So I said fine and now my bill is a little over 90$ and I'm tired of arguing. I have an extra receiver collecting dust.

Channel lineup is pretty bad but I don't have much of a choice. You can look up suddenlink channel lineups on their web site so when you look at neighboring towns it looks pretty bad, but for 40$ a month more than internet it is what it is. HD is good quality and some channels only cut out occasionally on storms.

You pretty much have to take it where I'm at. There's just no alternative. If you want internet only go ATT DSL, if you are lucky enough to be within a mile from the center of town for fast speed. At least it's stable and dependable. If you want TV pay big $ for Sat or go with them I guess. They've only been in town for about a year though and are using antiquated equipment. Overtaxing the node, overtaxed the backbone originally, no channel bonding, yet they keep cranking sales more and more and more without stopping to work out the bugs first.

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Grove and Suddenlink

I am very familiar with Grove and Suddenlink. If you are in a fringe area such as on North Cherokee, or 10 Hwy., or Northeast of Sailboat Bridge, or South of Honey Creek you will have issues. My cousins lives off N. Cherokee. He tired of the same thing and switched to ATT and installed DISH. So did my lawyer who lives on 6th. If you are not in Grove you may have a different phone company, though.

Good luck to you.
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