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  • Location: Houston,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $172 per month
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We had Suddenlink cable and internet in a rent house in College Station. Our son and his friends lived there. When we sold the house, I gave Suddenlink two weeks notice, but still they billed me for the month after the sale. When we moved our son out, one of the boys took the cable box to the local Suddenlink store. There was a long line and a customer service person told them if you're here to return your box, put it in the Return box over there. He did and he left. When I finally got the cut-off date straightened out, Suddenlink told me that they did not have the box and if we didn't have a receipt to prove that he turned it in, we would have to pay $100.00. No receipt of course because of the way the return was handled. They are now supposedly having someone look in the warehouse for the second month, but today we received a dunning letter from a collection agent. REALLY? We're posting this customer service screw job on every internet outlet we can find. May never get that bill cancelled, but at least will feel better.

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Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

At Suddenlink

If you'll email me (pete.abel@suddenlink.com) the information that was on the cancelled account (name, street address, city, state, zip), I'll also check into this for you. I'm vetted to help in this forum: »Approved Suddenlink Tech Support Agents.