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Review by phrogman26 See Profile

  • Location: Mount Pleasant,Titus,TX
  • Cost: $87 per month
Good "not much anymore"
Bad "never get the 30 mbps i pay for, installer's just come out and say my modem is hooked up wrong, overpriced for service provided."
Overall "unfortunately they have a bit of a monoply in my area as thry are the only provider."

I ordered they 30 meg internet package about a year and a half ago have never gotten the advertise speed normally just runs around 6.5 megabytes per second. every time a technician has been out they claim that the modem is hooked up wrong even though they're the ones that hooked up. Its always something wrong with my house it's never anything on thtier end they tell me. services extremely overpriced for the service that is provided. unfortunately for me they are the only cable provider in the area so they have a bit of a monopoly and I'm stuck.

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Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO

with Suddenlink

I'm at Corp. HQ and am vetting to help customers in this forum: »Approved Suddenlink Tech Support Agents. If you'll IM me the name and address on the account, I'd be happy to work with senior managers for your area to investigate this issue.



Alleged servicem support in the 77836 ZIP region.

Tel me:

Did you discover the term Vet in a spy novel? The entire company is a joke, the service spotty since you seem to be using CATV links...the picture goes out when it rains or snows, doh?

The company spends more on ads than on qualified tech support, and much is farmed out to Joe The Cable Guy morons in my area. I'm a retired Electrical Engineer, so save the BS for another consumer.