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Review by tiredoflies See Profile

  • Location: Amboy,Lee,IL
  • Cost: $89 per month (24 month contract)
Bad "Their service is s@#$% Yeah no days to success from order either!!!!!!!!"
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My Other Reviews

I have had them for 8 years since they have been purchased by Sky beam Aka Jab Wireless I have been forced to a 900 MHz module told that it is what it is and that is all its going to be. I contact their support when it goes out and I hood up directly to it and get same results. Their technicians treat you like a moron when you call in. I have a masters in Computer Information Technology Certified in wireless networking Wired netoworking Fiber optic networking. When they put the 900 Mhz module up they put a 4' Yagi on it that is made for a 50+watt broadcast equipment for ham radio not made for this internet connection equipment. The module is made by Trango to which I contacted them regarding the antenna they advised me that the antenna recommended for the equipment was only about 12 in long and that most of the time unless I was shooting through house walls wasn't needed on a install as close as mine is to the tower. Their tech installed the module ad eyeball level and I almost walked into it as they did the install on it while I wasn't home. When I called them on it and told them that if someone got hurt I would get sued for their installers stupidity. Their installer also didn't leave a power supply for the module thus he plugged in a powered ethernet cable that had 24 volts dc injected into it on a module thats power maxed out at 14 volts dc. I asked them about this and they said oh it will be fine. What happened the next day their installer was out A moving the module to my roof height and B replacing the module as it burnt out from being over powered. They then again plugged in the cable without changing the power injector and burnt that one out and 5 others even after I told the tech that hey you need to change the power injector on the line b4 you power that up when he replaced the first one he still kept replacing module after module b4 he finally listened to me. I have all my certificates on the wall My Degree From MIT hanging on the wall where their tech can see it when they walk in the door and I pointed it out to them along with my Transcript showing I graduated in the top 5 of my class That I know what I am talking about and he told me I could take the paper they were printed on and wipe my A$$ with it. I told him to get his S$%^ done and Get the F#@! off my property. I complained to his supervisor who failed to respond to my email including the 10 that were Cc to their Corporate office.

I offered to give them a free consult to help them find their problem and was told oh we know where the problem is at were overloaded the noise level is to high and is causing the speed to go down. I asked them why they don't stop installing new customers until they can come up with an alternative that will maintain the speed for all or better yet split it up instead of having 100 customers connecting to a module made for a max not recommended by Motorola to max it out but a max of 60 Client module connections 25 recommended max for maintaining speeds of 12 Mbps for each customer by Motorola. My speed averages .5 down and .1 up for a package that I am supposed to be getting 8 down and 1500 up. All of the service calls to my house said they needed to stop installing on the 900 MHz band as it was way to overloaded and they forced me to switch. One of their morons installed a 5.7 module at my location knowing full well that it would drop my connection 5.7 cannot go through trees at all and provide any kind of speed results.

I recommended switching to Ubiquity Modules as they can run at a full watt and not interfere with each other. They even tried to tell me that my 5.8 GHz cordless phone was interfering with the 2.4 and the 900 MHz modules. I laughed my rear off at them. Ubiquity is right now leading the market with their technology and their ability to be flashed with open market software. I was told to keep my opinion to myself that they would rather disconnect me than fix the problem considering that I had been a long standing customer of theirs. I need the connection for my VoIP phone and to access my server when I am away for my schedule and files I need for various client sites.

I have setup several Apartment complexes with Hotspot services for their residents and I can tell you that I use Ubiquity modules on each setup I have installed one complex with 48 buildings I had 1 AP and connected 48 modules to each one all on 5.7 GHz then inside each building I put a 2.4 GHz AP for the residents to connect to. The Complex has a 4pair bonded T-1 and maintains 6 MB with 0ver 200 people connected at anyone time. I have tried to explain to T6 this is something they need to use their first response was their Techs couldn't configure the modules so I gave one to my 12 yo niece that isn't computer savvy with novice experience told her what she needed to do to connect it to her computer then told her to configure the module. After 5 min she had it connected to their home network. Now if a novice child with novice experience can do it in 5 min than their supposed techs should be able to do it just as fast and have no problems.

I contacted them tonight as I have a static IP with them and when they went down and were down for more than 5 min I connected my laptop to their module directly got an error of duplicate IP detected by windows. Then rebooted my pc when to Linux and got the same error. I contacted them about it through their chat over my Verizon Mifi that I had to purchase for a reliable connection until Comcast installs at my location which wont happen for the next 20 days. So im in the chat with their rep to which I sat on hold for 35 min and on the phone I was still on hold when the tech came online. He tells me to please hold for 1 min. 10 min later I asked if he was still there he said he was on the phone with a customer he had several calls come in after he connected with me and that I was a constant complainer so I wasn't a priority. He then transfers me to another tech who didn't even read the problem just tells me to to email my logs to their support department and to have a nice day. I advised him that he needed to pay attention to the problem I was having and that I passed it on to him in slow detailed steps of what I had done and what errors I got. He got rude with me in the chat I then asked if his supervisor was available and who it was. I was told that I didn't have any right to speak with his supervisor. I advised him by FCC and FTC requirements they had to have a supervisor available for escalated calls and that I did have a right to speak with them I was then told to f#@! off and then he disconnected.

I was setting up a replacement for a new client went to a private owned tower and requested on the clients behalf to lease space on the tower. T6(Sky Beam Jab Wireless) had modules on their tower already they were open band unlic internet frequencies to which they proceeded to tell the owner of the tower that it was illegal for my client to lease space on the tower and use the same freq as them or any other freq on the tower. Then they proceed to Slander my client telling the tower owner that my client would damage their tower and that they had already caused a tower to fall down because of their incompetency. All false information this was the first tower my client was leasing space on and that I attempted to contact their corporate office about this slander that the T6 rep had done to my client and was told by them do not harass them anymore regarding that as it was a waste of their time they would not look into it. I then proceeded to file a complaint with the FCC and FTC as well as the States Atty Generals office against them for their practices as the tower owner was kind enough to pass over a copy of that phone call to me or my legal usage for my client to which I passed copies over to each agency that I contacted.

They aslo take advantage of people that have no knowledge of how to run a speed test what it means what their speed is. They are ripping people off I am surprised there hasn't been a class Action Law suit against them . I have had a total of 20 clients that I have setup with links that originate on a tower site where they end up leasing space on the tower and installing Cable internet at the tower and beaming that to their homes. All 20 clients were originally T6 Customers that were being ripped off by them and their Coherts at Sky Beam and Jab Wireless.

Seriously People don't buy from them they will rip you off big time contact me Ill get you setup with a link from comcast or who ever your cable internet company happens to be in your area. I do it for a low price and you own your equipment and I stand behind my work and guaretee that you will get 80% of the speed package you pay for up to 100 mbps.

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