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Review by brittanygorr See Profile

  • Location: Granite Falls,Caldwell,NC
  • Cost: $12 per month (60 month contract)
Good "Best service ever!"
Bad "nothing"
Overall "Best call quality and value for money"
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I'm a sophomore at MSU, and have a horrible cell phone signal in my dorm room. I have to go all the way downstairs to the recreation room in order to get a half way decent signal. My roommate has a better signal than me but she has to sit by the window, and she still gets dropped calls. I told her we should get a landline. She laughed but agreed to pay half. I did a little research and found axvoice.com and that was totally within our price range. When we first got it, we were so excited. Sometimes we chill in the room with our door open, and people would stop dead in their tracks like, "you guys gotta house phone?!" They laughed at first, now everybody wants one. Two other students on our floor has ordered your service as well (btw, we should get a commission *hint *hint ). Talking on our phone is so cool. The calls are always clear and crisp. We barely even use our cell phones anymore. We tell people to call our dorm phone now. Even when we're not in our room, we just forward the calls to our cells. How cool is that?! How many students you know are well connected like us? We've always thought of VOIP home phone services as something for actual homes. Who would've known AX Voice would be great for college kids in dorms. I think I've started a trend. Thanks! You guys rock!

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