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Review by mutex77 See Profile

  • Location: Salem,Rockingham,NH
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Way better than comcast, and alot cheaper"
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Ive had comcast, verizon and now fairpoint at various houses over the last few years. I moved to southern NH and signed up for comcast for tv & phone and fairpoint for inet. I'd definitely fall into the "heavy inet usage" catagory, and ive been that way for over a decade. The inet goes down and I start to shrivel

Fairpoint was awesome with the install, calling the installer about some minor probs and then having him call me to figure out how to make it work. I had a small emergency and had to leave for 15 mins during that 4 hour window where they were supposed to show up. Comcast told me if i wasnt there i'd have to reschedule. Of course comcast was then almost 4 hours late so it wasnt an issue.

Its now been about 6 months, and I still have comcast TV and fairpoint inet. Ive had 2 cable boxes from comcast fail and some other problems with the TV, but the fairpoint inet has been awesome. No probs at all.

The speed on fairpoints FAST is comparable to FIOS, which is very fast imo. 30Mdown, 15M up and for the most part I seem to get it. Ive seen comcast's xfinity do ok on speedtest.com, but then saw large file downloads get noticeably slower. I found out this is comcasts "speed boost", it goes fast at the beginning or for a small file (or speed test) but then they slow it down. When I pay for a certain speed, I expect that speed all the time. I downloaded a linux dvd over bittorrent from my friends comcast connection and it averaged 275kbs, I went home and downloaded the same at 480kbs. My connection is 30M down, his is "up to 50M down" and pays over twice as much for his inet. We actually ran a few more tests over the next few days and there was 1 that comcast just barely won, the rest were fairpoint hands down.

Now the best part. Fairpoint is $40 for inet, and then around $5 for the modem so my bill is $45. No fees or other BS. My comcast tv/phone package is $119, but by the time your done with all the fees and other BS its over $150.

Ive heard horrible things about Fairpoint. Seems like they had nightmare in ME and VT but I can tell you in southern NH they're awesome. I just wish they had FIOS TV and I could dump comcast altogether!!

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