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Review by cobrajeb See Profile

  • Location: Jacksonville,Duval,FL
  • Cost: $35 per month
Good "only good for slow speeds"
Bad "Horribles service, slow internet, bad customer service"
Overall "If your building has hotwire move"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I just recently moved into a multi-dwelling complex. I knew before hand that i was subject to only one internet provider. I was fine with this because prior to moving in i had called Hotwire to set up installation. I was told that the internet speed would be 5 mbps. This was a little slow for me but i was fine with 5. I couldn't get a installation date because of service updates. I gave them my phone number and they said they would call me back in 48 hours. I waited 4 days and called them back. I was told the same thing. It took me 1 week to get internet. Once i got it setup i tested the speed of the internet. It was only 2.5 mbps. I tried watching netflix but i cant only watch it in SD not HD. I cant even play halo 4 and surf the web at the same time. I called them back and they said only 3 was available to me. I was infuriated that i was mislead. I made a consumer report to BBB and corporate called me back within 24 hrs. They gave me a free month and waived my installation fee. They said they are currently upgrading my speeds but couldn't give me a specific date or time frame. I wouldn't recommend this company to ANYONE!!!!!!

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