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Review by cissjbk See Profile

  • Location: West Columbia,Lexington,SC
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $425 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Speed, Price, is right for Small Business"
Bad "Phone Cutover and Order Process Needs Streamlining"
Overall "Good Service for an Affordable Price"
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This review is for Comporium's Fiber Service -- the only category I saw for Comporium was Comporium (DSL):

Our Company (IT related business) needed to move onto something with higher bandwidth and higher reliability (previously were on T1 with voice and data). Another vendor (who we have done a lot of business with on customer's behalf with) had a fiber ring running right in front of our new office space (this was not a backbone ring, this is a ring they do attach customers to), but they refused to install the service into our multi-tenant office building. Noted the building next door had some telco activity going on, found that Comporium was running a fiber into their building (I didn't even know they had service here). Long Story Short, we called them, and for quite a bit less (to be fair to the other vendor, the Comporium service we purchased was not a connection to a ring, rather, it was a direct connection to a "hub" up the road, which was attached to the ring, which is cheaper than attaching a business directly to a ring, equipment and fiber cost is lower), we got 20Mb/s Up and Down, and 6 POTS trunks with unlimited LD.

Only a few hitches; apparently, for the static IPs we needed, and to get some PTR records established, Comporium has to use another vendor to handle that, which added time and delay to getting some information I needed before cutting over. The other catch is that the phone number porting went rather badly; I"m used to ports taking about an hour --- well, the old vendor gave up the numbers to Comporium quickly enough, but internal issues with the way they handled that particular exchange (which should / could have been resolved well in advance of the cut) caused the cut to take almost all day (started at 9:00AM, ended at 4:30PM). They did get it done, though.

All in all, I'd recommend the service, so far it's working well for us.

--Update 11/4/2013:

So far so good... only one significant outage that lasted about 6 hours over the past couple of years (I believe a critical piece of equipment died and they had to truck in a replacement component). We've converted 2 other customers in our office building over to them from TW Cable (upload speed was an issue with TW Cable)... fairly smooth conversions. We also switched from Verizon to them for Cell Phones (they resell AT&T), saved quite a bit of money, and the service works well.

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