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Review by KnightWolf See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $45 per month (3 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Price?"
Bad "Speed, support, consistancy, everything else"
Overall "Horrible"
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Tech Support:
Value for money:

Acanac entices you with is offer of low monthly cost and unlimited bandwidth. With the 3 month contract its $45.95 + $50 for a new modem. Doesn't seem to bad, does it? This is for 15/1mbps cable, bit less then rogers.

Untill.... You actually get the service. First few days were alright, speeds were around 7mbps during the day, 12-13mbps at nights, can't complain too much, pings were pretty consistent in 12-15ms, day time would spike to 20ms, again can't complain.

Less then 2 weeks later the modem won't keep sync and drops connection for 30min - 1hr, now this is a problem since we use VoIP. The 1st time it happened it fixed its self before I got home. Second time by the time I got threw to tech support it was up again.

Few days go by and again, no more internet. I go to the modem to power cycle and notice all lights are on, weird if its a signal problem, but power cycle none the less. Modem boots up, all lights on I think "Ok, fixed" and go back to using my laptop, wait "Server not found" wtf?!

Log into my router & see I've got a 10.x ip. Wait, what?! 10.x ip? Why would I have a non-routable internal ip? Thats messed. Power off all equipment, power back up, same thing. Ok, something fishy is going on. Remove router & use laptop, reboot. Same thing, laptop gets 10.x ip. Set everything back up the way it should be, and call tech support.

Once on the line with tech support, the rep asked me to power cycle the modem and blah blah blah. Being a Network Administrator myself, trust me, the LAST thing I want to do is call you're minimum wage help desk for useless advice.

I informed this "support technician" that I've already completed these tasks and that I am an administrator myself and can assure him that the issue is not with my equipment.

I had to explain to him about 10 times that I was getting a 10.x ip and that its something on their end, the signal strength of the modem was within spec and the fact that I do acquire an ip indicates that I have service & that theres an issue with that service being delivered or with the modem itself.

The tech told me he'd open a ticket and it would take 24-72hrs to resolve the issue. Wait, how long now?! So I'm paying for service I can't use, awesome!

Once again I tried to get online and was brought to a rogers activation page telling me that the modem can't be activated. Huh?! It was active... Thanks

Forget this, going back to rogers. Lets CALL acanac and speak with a person about canceling. Oh, wait, you can't speak with a real person to cancel? It has to be done over email? Ok, but what if I don't have service at all and can't access email? Oh, too bad there's absolutely nothing I can do then. Hm, manager maybe? Oh, nope, they don't talk on the phones (shy? or just don't have a clue what their doing? I'll let you be the judge).

Apparently there's absolutely nobody at acanac that can assist you in such a case. Nope, no managers or 2nd level to assist customers, no way of conducting busyness in a normal fashion.

Does it worry you that ANY one can email acanac and with the appropriate information cancel your service? Wow.

All support in this matter is conducted over a web based system? So that means I have to go find internet access to get updates? That's great. I requested a call from them, haven't gotten it & it looks like no ones touched the ticket yet. How much you want to bet that by the time they get to it, it will be over the 30 days? Intentional, yes.

And I thought dealing with Bell or Rogers was a pain in the ass.

Bottom line is; do you want to run the risk? Maybe your service works. Maybe they'll try and fix it. Maybe they'll cancel you. Just don't expect to speak with the billing or sales department directly. Nope, only on email.

Thank god I haven't had the service for more then 30days! Lets see how things go & I'll keep this updated.

Update 1: took 34 hours to receive a response from the billing department:

I have asked our manager to investigate this issue. Please wait, we will contact you as soon as we receive his response.
Best Regards,
Acanac Inc. "

Hm, now a manager will get involved? why can't they do that on the phone? weird. Wait, investigate the "issue"? Theres no "issue", I simply want to cancel. Just give me my damn money back!

And just a little something I sent them in response:

"For arguments sake: Lets say I was an elderly lady who, due to health conditions, is unable to drive myself to a friends house to use the internet and send this email. Then, with acanacs policy, I would be stuck with nonoperational service, no telephone, no ability to reach the outside world should a problem arise.

How could my request be processed in such a scenario?

I hope that it rests easy on the hearts acanacs employees that this lady was my mother and had I not have lent her my cell phone she could have suffered a serious asthma attack over the weekend and would not have had the ability to call for help. I could have come home to find my mother dead in the apartment.

I hope you all sleep well at night. "

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