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Six Month Rating

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Review by adisor19 See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Constant,QC
  • Cost: $56 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Videotron cable is always more stable than DSL and so is Acanac service"
Bad "Techsupport is a nightmare so go with cable instead of DSL"
Overall "Best bang for the $ IF you know what you're doing."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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So, i needed an MLPPP DSL provider. After looking around and comparing prices between Velcom, Acanac and TekSavvy, i chose Acanac as they were the cheapest around.

28.95$ a month for unlimited 6/800 DSL service is the best price i could find.

Bought my own modem so technical installation was a breeze.

Called them to order single link MLPPP for a 1 time charge of 10$ and the person on the phone could not confirm to me if that was available.. #FAIL

Called again and landed on someone more knowledgeable who ordered it for me.

Noticed speed was at 3Mbps down which is typical of Bell when they activate the DSL so i called to raise my profile to 6. Got stuck in their s**t phone system for more than 1.5 hours due to a misconfiguration problem on their end. Called on the other line and managed to speak with someone right away. I bitched and told them to fix their phone system. Took them 2 days to raise my profile to 6 Mbps.

Internet works fine ever since ( 1 month) and i would recommend them if you have patience and you KNOW what you're doing cause their tech support simply sux.


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So after 1 year of DSL service, i decided to switch to a 1 year contract for Cable 30/3 service unlimited for 56$/month. I ordered online and i cancelled my DSL contract renewwal. The Videotron tech came and installed the modem on a Saturday as planned, and the modem was up and running in 40 minutes.

So far it's been rock stable, much more than i can say about DSL. I am also currently porting my local phone number to the free 1 year VoIP line from Acanac. I will update the review once that happens.



Well, call me impressed. The phonenumber was transfered to ACANAC voip. I setup my Obi 110 ATA and everything is working perfectly ! Voicemail works, incoming calls, outgoing calls are good as well and so far it's been very stable.

Again, I know how to configure an ATA and I had no problem setting it up. In other words I did not have to call in and talk to tech support.. YMMV.


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