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Review by Bye internet See Profile

  • Location: canada
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
Good "None."
Bad "Promised refunds never provided. Useless, time-wasting customer service, if you even get thru. "
Overall "Refund received, after 2 years of legal threats. Worst Service. Worst Customer Service. "
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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I paid one year in advance for high speed DSL internet with Acanac, for a cost of $406.12, which was billed to my charge card. After two months of trying, Acanac was unable to provide any connection.

They have agreed to refund. My charge card was credited for $13.56, but I was told that the remaining $392.56 could not be processed to my charge card. Instead, they would mail me a cheque. On December 1, 2011, they said, "You will receive the check within 2 to 3 weeks." I still have not received the check. I've written back to Acanac about it, but they do not reply.

I tried calling Technical Support, wasting an entire day on hold. 131 times I was thanked for my patience, and told I was "next in line". After a day on the phone, they cut off my call! I tried calling Billing, but they refuse to discuss anything by phone. I tried Accounting, but they were unable to help me. Twice, I told them by phone to cancel my order, which them claimed they were unable to do. Serveral times, Acanac told me that a lineman was checking the situation, but I never heard from the lineman, or any party whom he represented.

Some people might get lucky with this company. If so, I hope you never have technical or billing issues!

I am currently preparing legal action against Acanac.


Now, nearly two years after the fact, Acanac has sent me the refund, but only upon my threat of immediate legal action. I am still stuck with the modem they sold me, which was intended to be used with the services they provided. Since they never provided the services, I am stuck with an unwanted, unneeded, and never-used modem. Will Acanac make an offer to buy back the pointless modem? If so, would they expect me to pay Shipping and Handling?If you're almost a pauper, you might want to gamble a little money on this company, if you can afford such a risk of your limited cash. But it's just that...a gamble. For $5/month more, you can get the fastest and most reliable internet service in Ontario, at Start Communications.


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After browsing through several Acanac reviews, it would appear that customer service 'shines' in QC, but in other areas is quite lacking.

Several reviews indicate that tech support through text messaging does not have the customer continuing a thread with the same technician throughout.

Have had this same experience as well. Inconsistent answers / suggestions for corrective action, and even txt responses from Acanac asking questions answered in previous text. Looking through the text history, it is quite apparent that the responses are being handled by more than one person, and that each new person is not (can not?) review previous chat history before replying.

IMO this renders the SMS option for support useless; the option to contact tech support through SMS should just be removed completely until it can be improved - it seems to result in several negative reviews. Again, this refers to areas outside Quebec.