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Six Month Rating

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Review by jackie999 See Profile

  • Location: Aurora,ON
  • Cost: $33 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Promotion on sign up and ability to prepay for year at a discount"
Bad "Nothing bad so far!"
Overall "I would recommend them."
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My Other Reviews

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I'd read so many bad reviews about Acanac, I was hesitant to give them a try..but the 1 year free dry loop was enough to entice me. So far I am very pleased with the service. I was set up on the day they promised and within a week I was updated to my promised speed (6Mbps DSL/dry loop/unlimited). I had to call support once and that did take a while to get through - but the counter told me where I was in the queue so I knew just how much longer I'd be waiting. I've also use their ticket system for some support questions I've had and I really like that set up.

They have a referral plan that is a bit confusing..I will be trying to take advantage of that!

What can I say...good service for a good price.

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lodged 2.7 years ago

Trenton, ON

Acanac, Inc.

Thank you so much. I am glad you are enjoying the service. I will try to explain the referral system for you here to help you out..

If you are an existing customer of ours please take advantage of our Referral Program. Refer 10 clients to your High Speed Internet or Phone Service and your fee's will be waived as long as you remain a customer of Acanac Inc.

Each referrals equals: One free month of service
10 referrals equals: Free service as long you remain a customer of Acanac Inc.

How does it work?
Your friend or associate can sign up for our High speed service by filling out the order form on the Acanac site or by phone.

Upon successful completion of the registration process all you have to do is email billing@acanac.com and provide the name of the person you have referred, along with their phone number and contact information. Once you reach 10 referral you will no longer be charged for your High Speed DSL service, as long as you stay with Acanac.

Customer Requiremen:

You must be a current Acanac.com customer.
Referrals must be for new customers.
Account MUST be in good standing.
This offer has no cash value.

*** Note: you can NOT transfer referrals between services. For example if you are on our high speed service and you go to cable internet and say you have 5 referrals so far for an example. You can not take those 5 referrals that you had with high speed and apply them to cable internet to get the service free. You would be starting over and need to get 10 referrals again for cable internet.
It is 10 referrals per service.

Hope that helps