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Review by kjennings See Profile

  • Location: Delhi,ON
  • Cost: $33 per month (12 month contract)
Good "worked great for first year and a half"
Bad "stopped working at night"
Overall "Would have recommended them 2 months ago -- NOT NOW"

Everything was great for over a year and a half, we barely had any dropped internet and the speeds were good. Two months ago however the internet started to not work at the same time every night -- 7pm would hit and it would just stop working, after hours on the phone being told we need to do this and that, getting a new modem and again being told we need to do this and that, 1 good night of internet working and we are back to square 1. They said the only other thing they could do was send a bell technician and if nothing was wrong we would get charged $100, well I won't allow that because I know its not on our end, why would our lines just suddenly stop working at 7pm and start back up again in the morning. If this keeps up we will definitely not be renewing for our third year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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